Sunday 22 December 2013

Social media, you fickle beast

Social media, I have to say
you have the power to make or break my day.
Mostly I love you, you entertain me so much
but sometimes you make me despair just a touch.

How do you work? What is your deal?
I find you slippery like an eel.
Is there a secret to be a success?
To get more followers without too much stress?

I would be lying to say I don't care
"What, only 5 likes for my Bear?
He's so fluffy and gorgeous and big
Come on people, give him another click!"

They say: "Have a strategy to get more likes"
but I prefer to post whenever the mood strikes.
I tried having a schedule, it didn't work out
it made me so frustrated I wanted to shout.

Use hashtags, labels, and SEO's right
and it may just bring you to a new height.
Isn't the obsession way too much?
As we like to say in German: "Was'n Quatsch!"*

Social media, you fickle beast
Will I ever understand you in the least?
But even if I don't, it doesn't matter
I thoroughly enjoy your crazy chatter. 

* What nonsense.

Just a couple things:
1. Rhyming in another language is hard
2. PMS had a lot to do with the creation of this "poem"
3. Numbers are evil.

Happy Sunday!
Poet Girl

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