Sunday 1 December 2013

Weekly highlights: travel

The final month of the year has arrived, which means: lots of lists, reviews, and "best of's" is about to commence. I love taking stock of the year, reviewing the good and bad, and reading other people's summaries. It gives you the opportunity to evaluate your goals and dreams, and to appreciate what lessons you may have learned throughout the year.

This weekly series serves the purpose of reminding myself of the daily little pleasures that I may otherwise not notice or forget about. Even if a day is not great, there's usually at least one or two good things about it, and I like to remember those instead of focusing on the negative.

Friday, November 22nd
We made it to our destination! Even though the pigeon show in San Bernardino turned out to be a bit of a disappointment and some of the locals weren't too friendly, I still like that we went to see the show together. I saw some unusual and interesting birds, got Rich to explain a lot about the breeds to me, and shared his hobby with him. There are too many times when he invites me to come along and I decline, and you know what? I shouldn't be so quick so say no. We love spending time together, and you can find something of interest almost anywhere. And if not? There's always my kindle. :-)

Saturday, November 23rd
We drove through the desert, witnessed this amazing sunset, and stayed the night in Atascadero. The best meal of the entire trip was had that day! I'm still salivating just thinking about it.

Sunday, November 24th
Hello ocean! This day we spotted an extraordinary amount of wildlife along the coast of California.

Monday, November 25th
When we arrived in Marina we decided to take a break from driving and stay a day. We were right by the sand dunes, which are spectacular, and I fell a bit in love with Marina. It has the perfect mix of desert, trees, and ocean, the city isn't too big, and the people are friendly. I could totally live there.

Tuesday, November 26th
We explored Monterey, went on the 17-mile drive along the world-famous pebble beach, and had a picnic in our room. Another great day!

Wednesday, November 27th
Definitely one of my favourite (or the favourite) days of last week! 
It was filled with humongous trees, a beach picnic, and the most beautiful (and most expensive) hotel of the trip, right by the beach. So close in fact that the thunderous crashing of the waves sounded slightly ominous. But it was still beautiful!

Thursday, November 28th
Drove along the Oregon coast due north, slowly making our way home. The beaches are gorgeous!

Now we have been home for 2 days, and my plan for today is decorating for Christmas, writing up another round-up (Best of November), and enjoying my favourite place in the world: home sweet home!

Happy Sunday,



  1. What a lovely trip, I think Northern California and Oregon have some of the most beautiful scenery, especially as it is so unexpected!

    1. Your home state is beautiful! And you're right, the north is even nicer than I imagined it.

  2. What a fabulous trip! Thanks for sharing it with us!


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