Tuesday 31 December 2013

Goals for 2014

It's the last day of the year!! Which means: time for new year's resolutions.
They have been floating around everywhere in the last few days, and I gotta say: I love it.  
For years I only had vague plans for the new year: the old "get fit/skinny/a workout-machine"-resolution of course; and then, in the last couple of years, I wanted to experience new adventures. Which is something I still try to remember whenever the call of the couch gets too strong - that couch is damn persuasive you guys!

But a lot of people are way more creative and ambitious then I am. I've read some amazing goals from fellow bloggers: try something new every week; cook every recipe in a cook book (so Julie and Julia!); focus on home decor; learn a new instrument; get better at what you do.
All these really resonated with me.

For years I didn't really have a hobby, apart from reading (half-heartedly) and being a crazy dog lover (is that a hobby?). 
But 2013 has presented me with a precious gift: a passion for photography and writing = blogging. 

Which leads me to my goals for 2014:

1. Become a decent photographer.
In 2013, I found out that I love photography. In 2014, I want to learn how to get better at it. 
To help with that I bought my first big-girl camera yesterday: My first DSLR camera! It's the cute little Canon EOS Rebel SL1 with a 18-55mm lens. It was important to me that the camera is lightweight and small - I know myself enough to acknowledge that I wouldn't bring a big heavy one along very often. 

So far I have just taken a few random shots inside the house of puppy and some furniture - and I'm taken aback at how huge the difference is to my old camera. The images are sharp! Not grainy at all! Vivid colours, very high quality - omg, I cannot wait to figure out how to work that baby properly. I'm frickin excited!

Also, in the next few days I will order a new cellphone (had my trusty Samsung Nexus for over 3 years), and I have decided to get the HTC One. It is supposedly one of the best camera phones out there, and I have a soft spot for cellphone photography. After all, without my phone I would have never developed a passion for photography!

2. Become a better writer. 
Writing has been such an unexpected joy and blessing in 2013. And with writing I mean blogging. It is therapy, hobby, relaxation, and bravery all rolled into one. Yes, bravery: some posts are scary. 
It is not easy to admit to one's faults: insecurity, petty thoughts, weaknesses. 
But you know what? It is so absolutely thrilling to do it! You feel liberated, free, and so much stronger! What a precious gift.
I want to continue doing it, hopefully branching out, evolving, and to keep getting better at it. 

3. Become a confident rider. 
Oh yes, me and my old companion fear. Fear is always around as soon as I climb on a horse. 
But my boy Nick is my buddy: I love him. I trust him. He would never run away on me (my biggest fear), he's way too lazy! For the new year I hope I can ignore that insistent devil on my shoulder, whispering into my ear all the terrible things that could happen. Instead, I will try to nurture the little angel that knows how much I enjoy spending time with Rich and our horses. And how exhilarating it can be to throw caution to the wind and just let go. 

2014, let's do this! This year will be about becoming. 

What is your new year's resolution?

Stay safe and happy celebrating, 


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  1. I have the HTC One and it is AMAZING. Seriously.
    I just got a new photo app called VSCO Cam and I love the photos it takes - from there you can put them into anything you want (normally I go VSCO Cam, Instagram, obviously). It's kind of laggy but if you take photos with the normal camera, edit them in VSCO and then instagram - you have phone photography magic!
    I love reading your blog Miriam - I need to start mine up again/a new one. The other one is pretty sad. Insightful to how I was feeling - but very sad. Need to move on.
    You are a great writer - the difference from when you started blogging to how you write now is amazing - it seems so much more natural and fluid. You are so descriptive and you make me want to be a farm girl:) Hahah
    Happy New Year Miriam - and keep having fun with the blog! I love love love it!

  2. Hi Miriam! I just discovered your blog through The Collective blog hop and I'm excited to read about the goings-on in your life, especially your goal to become more confident as a rider. I'm also a rider and so it's nice to find others who are blogging about it. (I'm currently "between horses" but my 2014 goal is to ride MORE!)

    1. Hi Brianne, nice to meet you! I always feel like a fraud claiming I'm a rider, since I'm so bad at it. But I really love hanging out with the horses, and I'm determined to get better at it. I hope you will find a horse this year and/or get the opportunity to ride lots!
      Good luck to both of us!


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