Thursday 22 January 2015

Style: Canadian Tuxedo

As much as I love dresses, jeans are what I live in on a daily basis. Not only are they functional and stylish, but they are also comfy! Whoever came up with the idea to add 1 or 2% of Spandex to denim was a friggin genius.  
For someone who wore denim on denim for years it was a revelation to find out that this look is coined "Canadian Tuxedo". You all know how dear Canada is to my heart (I'm working on becoming a Canadian!), and like I said, I love jeans - it's totally awesome!

Chambray shirt: Old Navy; tank top: ModCloth (no longer available) (similar); jeans: American Eagle (similar); clogs: Lotta From Stockholm; hat: H&M (similar)

This little photo shoot has reignited my love for yoga again, and I'm rearing to go! I used to be quite obsessed with yoga for a while, until I got distracted by something else (yes blogging, I'm looking at you). But for some reason, being out there the other day, I started to play around with tree pose (being inspired by all the trees, I guess), and my body seemed to remember - I swear, there was an electric charge cursing through my body. Now it is craving more! I'm searching for yoga poses like a crazy person and really want to get strong, toned and lean. Stay tuned for updates!

Are you into yoga? Any good videos/workouts you would recommend?



  1. So, "Canadian Tuxedo"... Does that have a negative connotation like it does in the states? Dan and used to wear jeans and denim jackets all the time. Until a few years ago when a friend said to Dan, "Oh! I see you brought out your Canadian Tuxedo for the occasion!" They were at a batchelor party. Haha But we never combined the two again. Just curious...
    You know me and yoga... You should join in on a challenge on Instagram! They help hold myself accountable to get to the mat every day.

  2. You look so cool and casual in your Canadian tux. Love it with the pop of color in the top and clogs.

    Yay for yoga! That's great that you reignited your love for something that feels so good.

  3. Do you ever not look great?! Always a beauty. Totally with you on the spandex in denim too! Only way I can wear most jeans. Comfort over fashion for me everyday :P


  4. Oh, I didn't know what a Canadian tuxedo was. Tree pose on a tree :) I've been doing yoga lately. These two 30 day challenges &

  5. you look great! i really like this outfit. and the new hair you showed on instagram; so beautiful!

    i like the idea of yoga, how it brings you balance and all those things. but i went to 1 class and found out the hard way that it's not for me.. ^^ my body and my brain don't seem to align. i don't even think practice would help.

  6. who doesn't love a Canadian Tuxedo. Thanks for linking up and hope to see you this week


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