Tuesday 6 August 2013

A hint of fall

Have you noticed?

There is a hint of fall in the air.
It is very subtle, barely noticeable yet - but the signs are there. The mornings and evenings have that delicious coolness about them - the air is crisp, with that incomparable smell in the air. And there are spider webs everywhere! Once the spider webs start appearing you know the seasons are changing. The last couple of nights I walked into them in our Collie Phoebe's kennel; even though I destroy them every night, they are back the next day.

But I love this time of year. As much as I like summer, fall has my heart - it is my true favourite season of them all. That's one of the reasons why I never really want to live somewhere where there aren't four seasons.
I find time gets more precious once August rolls around. You know the summer is more than halfway over; we cherish every warm and sunny day more than we did the month before because their days are numbered.
I start dreaming about fall fashion: is there anything more fun than fall fashion? Scarfs, tights, boots, plaid, woolen sweaters, knit caps... it's the best.
Images found here, here and here
Right now our kitchen, dining area and living room look like I took a page out of a fall commercial and splashed the colours all over the walls: warm reds, soft orange, and golden yellows adorn our walls.
I say right now because I have big plans of changing it in the fall: it's time to revamp the old house! Re-paint the walls, kitchen cabinets and doors to be exact. And I wanna do it all by myself! Ambitious crazy much huh?

That's the thing about late summer/fall: The back to school-excitement. Do you know what I mean? Ever since I started school (a long, long time ago) and had my first summer break I have experienced a certain elation and thrill at the end of the summer. I'm rested, full of plans, energy and motivation for the coming school year. Of course, it never lasts that long, but the excitement is there nonetheless!

Come September, my plans for the rest of the summer and fall are:
  • Grab the dogs and horses (and Rich of course) and go camping
  • Paint the walls and doors and cabinets! My vision is more white, less yellow (could be a teeth commercial); definitely still accent walls in orange; and maybe a pop of turquoise?
This home was featured on A Beautiful Mess. It belongs to another lovely blogger I follow, the talented and adorable
Stef from Oh So Lovely Vintage. This space is fabulous and my inspiration!

Well - that's really all for the moment. I still have a day job to go to and dogs to walk :-)

But we have also been dreaming about the future. Where do we wanna be in 5 years from now? What would our perfect life look like? In German you call it "Luftschlösser bauen" - I guess it translates into having a pipe dream. We love doing it, it has always played an important part in our relationship.

You only have one life to live and we don't want to miss any chances. Let life be a daring adventure!

My Luftschloss includes a big, covered front porch with comfy overstuffed couches, rocking chairs, a gorgeous view over a meadow and some far-away mountains where we would hang out with the dogs; a fireplace; an old cozy farmhouse; a guest room for lots of visitors. Mismatched furniture.
My dream house would be open concept: A big kitchen/dining/living area on the ground floor with the fireplace as focal point; 3 bedrooms upstairs on the first floor. Not too big.

It should be out in nature, away from any busy roads. Where we could saddle up the horses at home and ride off into the sunset right from our house; no need for a trailer. Where the crickets are chirping, the stars shine bright and the wolves howl at night.

Lots of sunny days and bright blue skies, colourful trees in the fall, maybe even snow in the winter? Four proper seasons.

My faithful friends, the written word, always with me: in the form of books, blogs, my own writing.

And Richard by my side, always.

Who says it can only be a dream?


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