Friday 2 August 2013


Yesterday was weird.

First of all I was woken up by our door bell. That in itself is highly unusual; our property is fenced in with a big metal gate. Normally the dogs start barking as soon as a car pulls into our driveway which makes them our real door bell. And if that isn't loud enough, the gate also is quite noisy when it swings open (unless you know that and lift it up to avoid it dragging along the ground).

But somehow, yesterday, these ladies made it past the dogs+the gate. And rang our front door bell. Nobody ever rings that bell so I was startled to say the least, sat up bolt upright in bed and tried to figure out what was going on. What the heck is that noise...?

After clueing in I stumbled to the door, bedhead, sleep in my eyes and all. (Richard was still snoring away, not a care in the world. Typical.)
A lady was standing there, beaming, letting me know that the crew had arrived and was already downstairs and the assessor will be here shortly.

I had absolutely no clue what she was talking about. What crew? Assessor? Help! I looked around the corner and saw 2 strange women take pictures of our chickens, waving at me and telling me that "they are so cute!". It was surreal.

I'm never at my best the first 5 minutes after being woken up. Who is? So I told her to just hang on, (violently) woke Richard up and demanded an explanation.
Turns out they were all here because of our burst water pipe in the basement. The insurance people came, saw and decided that the entire room needs to be cleared out (it being our spare room there was a lot of crap).
They took my organ and our foosball table away. To where? I have no clue. Will I ever see them again??

Bye bye organ! Will I ever see you again? That blue monster is trying to dry the carpet out. It and its brothers have been doing that for 72 hours straight. It's quite loud.

Me surveying the damage. In my "Little house on the prairie"-nightgown.

All the other stuff was moved to my "yoga room". (Aka the room that has yet to see its first downward facing dog - bolt intentions, no action yet. And now there is absolutely no room to even do a simple tree pose - and you only stand on one leg for that one.)

Today they will come and rip the carpet out. Plus the laminate they discovered underneath from the previous owners: great 70s pattern. I kinda dig it. Alas, it will be gone as well.

That's what's happening in these parts. There is also talk of ripping drywall out, repainting, and who knows what else fresh hell they will come up with.

But I would like to end this post on a high note. My hubby came home with a gift yesterday: A furminator!
Lea hooked him up (she works at Bosley's). If you have a long-haired dog you have to get it, it's amazing! A miracle device to get out millions of pounds of dog hair. I love it. Don't know how I managed without it all these years!

And last but not least, here is the next installment of the 30-day selfie challenge:
12 days to go. This challenge is really quite fun, I enjoy it more than I thought I would.

Happy Friday to you!

xoxo Miriam

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