Monday 26 August 2013

That 70s disaster

This was supposed to be an outfit post.

You know, since I'm still trying to keep up the resemblance of some sort of schedule and decided in my Canada day euphoria that a weekly outfit post would be realistic and totally doable.
Let's just say - it's not going well. The last one I did was 3 weeks ago.

My camera, perfectly happy to take decent pictures of animals, landscapes and most inanimate pictures, goes all diva on me when I set the timer and point it at me. Unsharp, blurry, pixelated - you name it, it does it. The lighting in our house isn't good (seriously, in the entire house) - as much as I like its cave-like, womb-y feeling, it creates a problem when trying to take photos.

Oh well. Live and learn they say, so I just gotta keep at it in the hopes of finding a solution and getting better.

I see a tripod and remote in my future... But until then, please excuse the questionable quality of these gems.

Instead, let's focus on that ace 70s laminate, shall we? That's the flooring we currently have in our "disaster room" since the flood debacle made it necessary to rip out the carpet. That's what we found underneath. 
I actually kinda like it, but I'm the only one in the family - it's only a matter of time before it will disappear. Hence my attempt of making it immortal by photographing it. Did you notice that, while I look pretty blurry in all of these, the laminate looks pretty good? I guess the loud pattern forced the focus down, down, down.
Okay, on to the outfit, which is my transition from summer to fall: Shorts (Old Navy), sweater (Garage), and my Lotta clogs.
Then I would like to draw your eye to the top of my head: There's a tiny little bun!
I can almost do buns!! Never mind that half my hair falls out on the bottom since it's still too short - the bun is in my near future. I am psyched!!

xo Miriam

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