Friday 9 August 2013

I'm doing that networking thing!

Friends, some exciting news on this lovely Friday evening: I did a lil cameo on another blog! Like a "real" blogger! Eeks!!!

It's just a short introduction because I'm one of her sponsors. Yup, I'm sponsoring another blog. How crazy is that?? I'm reaching out, connecting, making new bloggy friends. I'm a big girl now!

Here it is: Mish Lovin' Life.
Mish is as real and cool as you can get. She and her man decided they wanted to see the world, so they sold everything they owned, packed their bags and took off for 6 months. How awesome is that??
Now they've settled down in San Fran and she's blogging about adjusting to "normal" life, daily adventures and her Korean roots. That girl is hilarious! She cracks me up every day.
To top it off she's drop dead gorgeous, totally honest, and loves a glass of wine as much as I do.

Hop on over and check her out!

TGIF, Miriam


  1. Awesome babe!!!!! I love it!! And soooo funny : "here a bird, there a bird, everywhere a bird bird" hahahhahaha

  2. that's great :D congrats!

  3. Congrats! I have yet to become a "real" blogger hahaha.
    I am going to check out Mish's blog now.



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