Monday 5 August 2013

Style: Dressed for summer

Happy BC day!
It's Monday, which means outfit day! Yesterday I went into town trying to find a couple pressies for these 2 cuties:
Letizia and Larissa
They are my nieces Letizia and Larissa and I get to see them in 10 days! Very excited about it. Larissa told me she made a calendar where she crosses off the days until I get there. So cute, gives me a warm mushy feeling inside.

I didn't find anything for them yesterday, but I found something for me! (Bad auntie.)

This T-shirt:
Couldn't resist! Need it to represent Canada (found at Old Navy)
And then this summer dress:
Love it! It's light and airy, perfect for this hot summer weather we are having.
Plus I got everything for 20% off! Can't beat a good deal.

Dress and chambray shirt:
Old Navy
Belt: American Eagle
Wedges: Coach (thrifted)
Earrings: Forever 21 (last year)

Please excuse the wrinkliness of the dress, I didn't notice until I took the pictures.

It's been a wonderfully lazy day so far: A late breakfast, hanging out in the sun, doing my nails, reading up on my fave blogs.

We went for a late night walk yesterday and did what we love to do: Dreaming, making plans, talking about what we want to do in the future. It's our favourite thing to do!

There are so many adventures we want to go on, it's fun dreaming them up!

What are your dreams for the future?

xo Miriam



  1. such a cute dress!

    my dreams are to have a house with a staircase in the living room and to write a childrens book :D

    1. writing a childrens book - that was always my dream, too! I also love the idea of the staircase in the living room, sounds lovely


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