Sunday 4 August 2013

Call me Martha

Few things in life make me feel as proud and accomplished as cleaning my house. Pathetic, isn't it?
Here's the thing: I loathe cleaning just as much as the next person. Despise it, hate it, dislike it heartily.
But I really like a clean, orderly house. So what to do about this conundrum?

We can't afford a cleaning lady right now (besides, I have heard that people clean more with a cleaning lady than they did before - they don't want the cleaner to see how dirty their house really is - so what's the point?), and I have not yet mastered the challenge of getting my husband to clean, so I'm stuck with the job. Hrumph.

When I'm done though I feel like I have conquered the world. Such a great feeling!

Here is what I have accomplished today:

1. Cooked breakfast for me and Richard. (Kaiserschmarrn, our version of pancakes. It was delish!)

2. Vacuumed the entire house.

3. Vacuumed my car! (I almost never do that, so the before and after effect is dazzling.)

4. Brushed the dogs. You've seen them, that's a job you can't take lightly. They are hair monsters.

5. Cleaned the bathroom. It's one of life's great mysteries to me how a room that gets wet every single day can still be dirty. Especially the bathtub. Why is that? I will never understand. But I scrubbed that bad boy until it sparkled:
I restrained myself to post a picture of the toilet. But I really wanted to. It's spotless.

By the way, you know what my secret cleaning weapon is? This guy:
I just love him. He really is magic. You can get anything off with him. If you haven't tried him out yet (is that even possible?) you have to. He's a life changer.

6. Sewed on a button.
Which, I know, is no big deal, but to me it is. Not a big fan of sewing.

7. Dusted.

8. Did laundry, folded laundry, ironed some of it.

My lovely cellphone calculated for me that I burned 805 calories:
Why yes, I rated this as high intensity. Always be kind to yourself.

Which means that I'm treating myself now by opening a bottle of wine:
I bought this wine purely because of its label. Doesn't taste too bad either.
That concludes this riveting post.

Now I'm taking my glass of wine, a book, and my dogs and go to my willow tree.

Have a lovely Sunday!

Love, Miriam


  1. you deserve that glass of wine! :D

    1. btw miriam, i thought you should be the first to know: i bought a smartphone!! :D will write a post about it soon!

    2. Great news D!! You'll love it, I promise. Can't wait to read about it!

  2. Sounds like a very productive day!! I hate cleaning too and have to push myself to even think of doing it.
    Then I see a fur ball rolling by on the floor and I know I have to do it!!
    Hope you enjoyed that wine - you definitely deserved it!



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