Monday 12 August 2013


Today is packing day! Because tomorrow, my friends, I am going on vacation. Hurrah!

It's about time, too. I was getting crankypants at work, and that's no fun for anyone, especially my poor co-workers.
I may have smiled on the outside, but that was my face on the inside. 
So tomorrow I'm taking of for the old homeland, Germany. Richard is already there with Lea, and together we gonna visit my family in Northern Bavaria, and then head to Richard's old stomping grounds in Westphalia, about 6 hours away.

The main reason for this visit (aside from seeing our families) is Schützenfest.
What is Schützenfest you may ask? 
Let me give you a short history lesson: In medieval times a lot of cities had to worry about being attacked and robbed by outlaws. So they founded "rifle clubs" (not a very good translation, but you get the gist) to help defend their cities.

Nowadays it's a social club where the members meet, do some target shooting and then drink lots of beer.

Once a year they throw a big party with parades, games, dancing, eating and drinking (lots and lots of drinking) that usually lasts several days. It is similar to the famous Octoberfest in Munich, but has a different origin.

The fun part is that in a small town you know pretty much everybody and after the second day you feel like they are all your best friends. It's great fun!

I haven't been for several years - last time was in 2008!

Here are a few pictures from that time:

This is the traditional outfit we wear one day of Schützenfest. Lea was not impressed.
This year's outfit is courtesy of one of our German friends: She created these shoes for me, so-called "Klompen". They are wooden shoes and a tradition there. Every year folks try to outdo themselves with the design, and this is what I'm getting: Smoking ducks. What the hell?
The ducks I understand (hello, farm girl here), but the cigarette? Curious.
And this is my dress! It's purple and I really like it. There will be lots of pictures from the actual day when I'm wearing the ducks and the dirndl. :-)

Okay, I have a ton of work to do today, off now to do the chores.

Love, Miriam

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  1. i love the outfits :D have a safe trip and have fun!


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