Thursday 28 November 2013

Style: Beach outfit

Happy Thanksgiving America!!
Today I am grateful for the last 9 days I spent in your beautiful country. It has been a real pleasure being here and exploring a bit of California and Oregon. They are both gorgeous states.
It was eerily quiet everywhere today: Most of the stores and restaurants were closed, not very many people on the road. I hope you all enjoyed your turkeys and pie?!

We spent our last vacation day slowly driving up the coast, stopping at whichever beach took our fancy.
Tomorrow we will be home again. One thing I can't wait for? My own bed!

And hugging my furry babes of course.

Pants: Smart Set
Top: Old Navy
Shoes: Old Navy
Rich jacket: WalMart ;-)

Next time I'll talk to you from Canada, eh!

xo Miriam

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