Tuesday 24 June 2014

Inside my head

To soar free like an eagle... I want to break out of my head sometimes - it's a gong show in there. 

Yesterday I made a rookie mistake. I asked my husband's opinion regarding a beauty product. I broke one of the cardinal girl rules: Never ask a man anything beauty-related! After almost 10 years of marriage, I should know better. In my defence, I was tired and hungry, and my normal girl instincts were way off. 
The product in question was an under eye dark circle remover, and the blogger who featured it swears it works. There were #nofilter photos and everything! 
I've been desperately trying to find the blog and name of the wonder elixir, but can't find either. Damn you, social media overload and marking stuff as read that I actually haven't read yet! 

That only leaves me with my husband's helpful suggestion: "You should stop worrying all the time, then you wouldn't have such dark circles under your eyes." Hrumph, thanks for that. Even though it has to be said, those dark circles are a fact of life, and I can't be mad at him for pointing them out. They are there, large and in charge, for the world to see. 

While eating a Magnum Mini Almond Ice Cream Bar (in the bathtub no less - I was nothing but a real girl last night), I lazily let my mind wander. And you know what I realized? Holy smokes, my head is a mess. There are a million thoughts, lists, things-to-dos, worries, questions, stories, plans, ideas, doubts, etc. in there. No wonder my poor face shows the strain! I thought it would be cathartic/educational/funny - (not sure yet of the outcome) - to write some of these random thoughts down. 
Ladies, you are probably all very familiar with these items. Gentlemen, prepare yourself to be amazed/shocked/questioning my sanity.

Gotta answer my emails. Oh, I never got back to that lady from the UK! What was it about again? Have to make an appointment for Phoebe's grooming. Oh, also need to buy her a new collar. Can't find the old one. Change doctor's appointment! Don't forget to buy wedding gift! Did I fill out those forms for work? (No, I didn't.)
Do I have a blog topic for tomorrow? Hmm, when will I have time to write it?
Don't forget to buy lotion. Oh, and Rich's body wash! Gotta get Rich to prepare invoice so I can send it out. Argh, forgot to take pictures for selling chickens! Have to remember to do that.

What's that book called that Laura recommended? Oh, I have to get my Wi-Fi fixed. 
Did I put deodorant on this morning? (Takes sniff - nope, I didn't. Damn.)
(Scratches mosquito bite) - oh yeah, buy flea collars. What do we need from the grocery store?
Oh, do I have to return my audiobooks to the library?
Gotta do some ironing. 
Mom's birthday is next month. What should I get her? Oh, when is my mother-in-law's? Phew, not till the end of September, I have time. Good.

Do we need to book a place in Amsterdam?
Pay bills. Hmm, should I buy those ModCloth shirts?
Don't forget to turn on dishwasher before leaving for work. When did I talk to Oma last? Call her tomorrow.
Have to make an appointment to get the Corgster spayed.
Oh yes, get-together with the girls! Send out FB message. What's that dark circle remover eye cream called???
Take outfit pictures on Wednesday. Grouse grind Thursday? Hmm, really need to spend more time with Snowy, she feels neglected. Don't forget about the oil change!

Oh no, forgot Rich's birthday cake! Do I have time today after work? Call and order one.
Dentist next week. Tuesday. Or is it Wednesday? Check date. Make appointment for pap test.
Is that a new mole?

I should get back into yoga. Download yoga videos. Oh, need to get Wi-Fi fixed first. I hate when stuff doesn't work.
Did I comment on Amy's post? I meant to. Gotta check. Is Stef borrowing my car tomorrow? Text her and find out. If I give her money, could she do the oil change? (Getting an oil change is one of the most hated activities ever for me.)

Damn, look at the time! Gotta make a salad and get dressed for work.

... and that's on a slow day. How can I take a vacation from my brain?

Does that sound familiar? Moms, how do you do it? I would go completely over the edge. 

Anyway, happy Tuesday! I really have to get ready for work now.

xoxo, Crazy-Eyes

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  1. Oh my goodness, I love this post!!! It is so true. Our minds are powerful and so so so busy! The glimpse into yours reminds me that I need to get an oil change. Booooo.

    Oh and yes - you should buy the ModCloth shirts. :)


  2. Yep that is me and then I go to do something the minute I think of it and cannot remember what I was doing in the first place!

  3. ha, ha "crazy-eyes" :) I hate anything car related...I almost never have to handle that stuff, though I have to nag about it :)

  4. PREACH! This is my mind every.night. when I try to fall asleep. It takes me forever b/c I can't seem to shut my brain down!

  5. Get out of my head Miriam, lol.


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