Wednesday 18 June 2014

It's a happy day!

Let me start with a big, huge thank you. Thank you all so much for the kind words, emails and comments on my last post. I was extremely scared to post it (heart pounding, sweaty palms and nauseous-scared), but I did it anyway. I have learnt that the posts that are scariest to write are the ones that need to be written.
Now I feel relieved, overwhelmed and beyond happy!  

Today is Kathy's Humpday confessions day, and I really wanted to participate. I even had a few vague ideas, and would have made the rest up as I was going along. 
But there were shows that needed watching (Mr. Selfridge and Orange is the new Black- I'm almost done, don't tell me anything!), horses that needed cleaning, laundry to be washed and a surprise guest to be entertained. Not to mention pesky work, which always manages to get in the way of the important things in life. 

Said guest showed us a true gem, and I need to share it with you. 
Have you guys heard of Anna Breytenbach? Neither had I. She is an animal communicator, which basically means that she can talk to animals - and they talk to her. It is sort of like telepathy - she calmly sits in front of them, reading their body language? Facial expression? Their mind?? I don't know. I literally just found out about it half an hour ago, and need to learn more. It's amazing, and so useful on a farm! I'd love to be able to talk to the llamas and horses and ask them if everything is okay, or if we could do anything to make them more comfortable. Can you imagine? Very cool.

In this video she is communicating with a gorgeous, yet vicious leopard who was abused and deeply mistrustful of humans. He was rescued by the conservationist Jurg Olsen and brought to the Jukani Wildlife Sanctuary

For the six months he had been at the sanctuary, he kept himself in his night shelter, snarling at everybody who came close. But then Anna comes, and totally transforms him. 

You have to watch this video, it is endlessly fascinating!

Hope you have a happy Wednesday!

xo Miriam

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  1. We have not started OITNB yet!! Will have to check this out...sounds pretty cool. I think animals just like some people over others. I'm the person that ever animal that someone says will not let you pet etc, they will end up jumping in my lap...though not every time but it has happened often. So, glad to see a happy post and you feel better after getting some things out!!!

  2. Wow, that was so interesting! What an amazing job + ability to have. Very cool.


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