Monday 30 June 2014

June photos

It's the last day of June! I was looking through the photos I took throughout the month, and was struck by one realization: despite people always claiming that time flies, there were quite a few pictures that I felt I had taken months before, rather than weeks. Which is a very reassuring thought. 
The idea of time moving uncontrollably fast is an uncomfortable one - but it seems that taking life slower really does seem to slow it down! Gotta remember that. 

Fun purple and yellow flowers seen on my walk. 
Cheers to pretty sunsets and lime water at work!
Shake it, Corgi!
Peahen contemplating life.

Lea's graduation
Summer meadow. 
Vintage car. 

Went for a drive with my faithful sidekick (and Rich). 
Teenage ducks.
Nick resting. 
Fly love!

Pretty lilies. 
Dramatic sky photographed from my work window. Can you see the airplane?
Stef sent us this photo for Father's Day! I love it.
Not our dog.

Evening walks are so peaceful. 
Snowy from belowy.
Nick, running (for a change). If you want to see more pictures of happy horses, click here

Cherries are my favourite summer food!
Blue and pretty boy. 
We went road tripping. 
Richard's birthday!

Soaring eagle. 
Easy to care for tulips. (My kinda flowers!)
Guinea fowl.
Fire enjoying his favourite food.

Mille fleur chicken. 
My bountiful kitchen windowsill - I really love basil! It smells heavenly.

June was a good month. It was filled with sun, popsicles, cherries and lots more family time than usual.
Lily got her first period which allowed me to indulge in enough diaper experience to last a lifetime - I got that out of my system for good! (Yes, I diapered a dog. It was ridiculous.) As mentioned above, I took life slower, with reading more books, hanging out in the sun and simply enjoying the moment.
I also wrote my blog manifesto, got bangs again, and wrote one of my most vulnerable posts to date.

Now I'm off to do another scary thing: The Grouse Grind. It's also known as "nature's stairmaster", which gives you an idea of what's ahead: lots and lots of stairs. Wish me luck!

Did you have a good month? Any fun plans ahead? Tell me!

xoxo Miriam

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  2. these photos are awesome! i loev the pictures of the flowers and pups!

  3. Peacock & sky photo = superb!! x

  4. I love all the pictures! Have fun on your hike and good luck! June seems to have flown by for me.

  5. The car ride selfie... that needs to be framed! :D

  6. Looks like such a perfect summer time capsule!

  7. I just adore your photos! These are summer summer summer - through and through.



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