Sunday 1 June 2014

School of Life v.4

The School of Life

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Okay, on to this weeks's lessons. Let's start with the biggie:

1. Writing 50,000 words in one month is harder than I thought 
Remember how I set myself the challenge of writing 50,000 words in one month? I failed, and quite spectacularly so. I'm roughly 39,000 words behind. Yikes!
There are several things I learnt about myself from this:
  • I don't know if I have enough imagination to dream up an entire book by myself. What I may need to do is take an actual event that happened, and invent a story around it. Or write a book of short stories? Farm stories? Musings of a 30-something Farm Girl? (Oh wait, that's this blog. Never mind.) There are endless opportunities, and one thing is for sure: I haven't given up yet!
  • This really shouldn't come as a surprise. Remember the yoga challenge? Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred? They all went the way of the dodo bird. Challenges and I don't mix well. 
2. You can save a lot of money by re-purposing!
Our bedroom. It's a bit of a hippie room: nothing matches, we don't have a bed frame, and never had decent night stands. We like it that way, except for the night stands: they bothered me for quite some time. One was just a side table, and the other one was an old, thrifted, ugly brown thing.
So I decided last week that I would go to IKEA and buy a couple new ones. 
But then, inspiration struck!
Since pictures are worth a thousand words, take a look:
Bookshelves under the window. You can also just spy the side table night stand.
Bookshelves as night stands! I'm pleased as punch. Not only do they match and are functional, but I also have more room now in our bedroom! Win/win! Why didn't I think of that before?

3. I finally found my celebrity crush
Theo James (source)
My friend and I went to see Divergent last Monday. If you haven't seen it yet, go and do so! It is an excellent movie, really well done. Before it started, we were talking about our celebrity crushes. Hers is Benedict Cumberbatch, and mine - well, I didn't really have one. How bad is that?? But then, fortunately, the movie started. Holy moly Theo James. I found my crush and then some! Just look at him! What a superb male specimen, he truly is one gorgeous man. Oh, and my friend? She is now desperately torn between Theo and Benedict! ;-)

What have you learned this week?

xo Miriam

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  1. love these posts!

    50000 words is quite a lot.. i never get how people do that in only 1 month :p writing around actual events could help, or you could use (your) photos as an inspiration for places and stories.

    and yay for re-purposing!

  2. You started on the book, so I think that is what really counts!! Personally, I have to be in the "mood" to focus on certain tasks. What you have shared so far has been really great. Maybe thinks in terms of chapters or ideas, not worrying as much to where it is leading. I read some writer (I have not idea who) would write like that, I think he said he would start writing and then the end would pop in his head and he would go ahead and write that, knowing the in between would eventually come together. The new bedroom set-up looks good. I see that Lilly really has "her" spot :)

  3. Love the yellow and white pillow cases in your room. There's so much light! I just love it. Theo isn't half bad either. My celeb boyfriend is Mike Patton, the lead singer from Faith No More. He's scary, kind of dangerous hot. That sounds weird I know, but Google him and do some browsing :).

    And Miriam, just keep writing. I think Mariah's advice is dead right. Think of it as chapters or short stories. Write what comes to you. Once you have content, it can be pieced together and put in order later. I think the hardest part of doing anything big is starting and you've done that. Well shit at least your trying is perfect.

  4. Side tables = genius! Moving it actually brightens the room too!
    Theo James = *THUD*
    Writing = I am telling you - children's books about the farm is the way to go! One of our bus drivers wrote a book called "Outside my bus window" and it is all pictures of things they see every day on route to school.

  5. 50,000 words in a month! OMW! that's crazy, you should be proud of yourself for penning 11,000, that's a huge accomplishment! I'm currently reading the Accidental Creative and in it he shares a story of one of the people he coached who was trying to write a book. He told him to write everyday, no matter the quantity of words, just as long as it was everyday. He also recommends other strategies like having a small circle of likeminded people who you meet up with every so often and everyone defines what they are working towards and shares their insights etc which could expose you to things that wouldn't have been on your 'radar' before. It's an interesting read.

    To think of writing an entire book IS scary! The ladies are right here, think of it in smaller segments and the inspiration will come. I've never tried to write a novel but I've read things from writers that they often get a strong connection to their characters and almost go on the journey with them and they get to a stage where they just know how they want the story to end.

    Good luck with your book and your progress is amazing, now did I see someone say there's snippets published on here?



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