Saturday 21 June 2014

Unbridled joy

Wanna see pure, unbridled happiness?
There is nothing better than watching the horses run out to pasture. 
They kick with sheer exuberance, just because they can.

They dance.
They kick some more. 
They run like the wind.

They fly! 

But the best part? Eating, of course!

Horses are just like us.

Happy Saturday! Don't forget to link up with ShannonMariah and me for School of Life tomorrow!

xoxo Miriam 

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  1. Miriam!! You captured some amazing shots here. The dancing and flying ones in particular are SO good.

  2. I drive past a horse pasture every day and I love when they're out. They're just such amazing creatures. Their bodies are so sleek and muscular and powerful. I know that sounds cheesy! haha

  3. Beautiful, look at those kicks!!! Woooo horse pictures make me excited, they are gorgeous animals.


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