Saturday 21 June 2014

School of Life v.7: Man magnet

Phew, what a week it has been! It was a crazy roller coaster, but the good thing about that is that there were a ton of lessons to be learnt. 
Let's get right to it, shall we?

Lesson 1: Remember your age
Exhibit A
I was convinced my legs were straight. Still am, actually. Something's wrong with my camera.

On Thursday, I went outside to take pictures for next day's fashion post. As always, I had absolutely no idea what I should to do. (The surprise factor is what makes it so fun to me - or at least, that's what I'm telling myself.) So I did what I usually do: jumped around, skipped over the field, climbed in the apple tree. 
But then I was hit by a brilliant idea: Do some cartwheels! I ended up not using any of the cartwheel attempt photos, because they were pitiful (see exhibits A and B).
Exhibit B
Please pay attention to Lily's side eye, too funny!

But those photos are not the worst part. The worst part is that I am sore all.over! It started on Friday afternoon and at first I couldn't figure out why - but then I remembered my cartwheeling shenanigans. And after that, I remembered that I am 34 years old. And a half! Apparently, doing unusual physical activities will not go unnoticed by my body any more. Bugger. 

Lesson 2: My Corgi is a man-magnet
Which is unsurprising, of course. Just look at her! ;-)

Here is a sure-fire way to get attention, ladies: get yourself a Corgi. On Friday I met two girlfriends in town, and took Miss Lily with me. I usually don't do town - when I walk the dogs, I walk far away from most humans, in deserted neighbourhoods or somewhere in the wilderness. 
So it came as a surprise how popular my little fluff butt is. People love her! They would stop and smile, and ask me if they could pet her. Lily is a real flirt, so she made everybody feel extra-special.  
And you know what demographic she is most popular with? Gentlemen aged 60 and above. Tell your lonely grandmas!
I for one make sure to remember that valuable bit of information for the future. 

Lesson 3: Do what you love, and do it often
Walk, take pictures, repeat.

This past week was grey, cold and miserable. Work was busy, I was exhausted and felt unmotivated. So I didn't do my two favourite past times: no walks and almost no photography. 
Guys, I was miserable. Of course I had plenty of excuses why I didn't do it: I'm tired; it's so ugly outside; I don't wanna. On Friday, like I mentioned before, I finally went for a long walk with Lily and two girlfriends - and felt amazing during and after
In fact, I was so motivated and upbeat that I grabbed my camera and took a bunch of pictures of the horses frolicking about. (The weather turned nice again as well, which helped tremendously!)
Lesson learnt? Do what you love. Do it repeatedly. 

Lesson 4: Make chores more enjoyable with the help of wine
Lovely wine, how I adore thee

Rich and I have this long-standing - hmm, how shall I put it: disagreement? stand off? - regarding cleaning the horses' paddocks. It's repetitive, boring work - you may call it a shitty job. 
The flies beg to differ. They love this shit.

Sadly, Rich is much better at the stand-off, and I usually end up cleaning them. 
But I have finally found a way to make it much more enjoyable: Drink a couple of glasses of wine beforehand, and you will not only not mind doing the chores, but you will have a smile on your face the entire time!

Lesson 5: Be vulnerable
I can't finish this week's lessons without mentioning this post one more time. I will keep it short and sweet, just a couple of thoughts:
1. Honesty is the best policy, it really is.
2. Admitting your fears and doubts can be incredibly freeing. I learnt a few things this week - mainly, how awesome my stepkids are and how fantastic this community here is. Feeling loved.  
3. It is right what people always say: Kids on blogs are popular! This is the most viewed post on Facebook of all times. Who woulda thought?

What have you learnt this week? Link up with ShannonMariah and me!

Love, Miriam

The School of Life


  1. I'd be scared to drink wine while shoveling horse doo-doos... what if you face planted into a pile?! bahahah

  2. Glad you got your mojo back :) The fashion picture out-takes are too funny....Lilly's face is hilarious (she is like what are you doing mom!) Glad you found a way to make a chore more interesting.

  3. yes to stupid aging! When we were on vacation we took a four hour bus ride and then went to the movies and when I went to stand up my knees were like noooooo!

  4. Even the poop looks kinda pretty haha. Your horse looks like he's smiling. I love to walk and take pictures, it's so relaxing. I feel like it would be frowned upon if I did it in my neighborhood, though. Probably think I'm stalking their house.

  5. Laughed out loud at your caption of your cartwheel. hahahahaahhahaha

  6. These are excellent life lessons! Those first two pictures crack. me. up. Love love love!


  7. Oh my gosh, I am laughing so hard at your pup in Exhibit B! Whenever I do something silly, my pooch gives me the saw side-eye. I call it "cow eye" because so much of the white of his eye will show while he's peeping me + thinking, "What the heck is going on?!" Looks like you had fun with the photography, and that's what's most important!


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