Sunday 22 June 2014

Welcome summer!

This past weekend was one for the books. It was utterly perfect. Did we do anything special? Nope. 
Not at all. 
In fact, some people may even go as far as calling it boring. 
But you know what? It was everything that I need in life. 

There were all the essentials: my hubby, sun, animals, cherries, sour candy, and cool drinks. We watched one of my favourite movies (Now You See Me).

There was some shopping. (Please disregard the dirty feet and mosquito bites.)
These two... they have my heart.

Some plans were made. 
If we manage to turn them into reality, you are the first to know, I promise!
And then there is our friend. 

I LOVE people that are a bit different. Secrets buried in the past, a colourful history, an eventful life - tell me! 
This particular friend has been in our life for a few years now. He doesn't take centre stage, but is a consistent player on the sidelines.
There are lots of things from his past that we don't know any details about, and that simply contributes to the mystery.
I love having him over, because we always have riveting conversations.

Last night, for example. We discussed some interesting topics: War, gay prostitutes, transvestites he encountered in the past. Parents and our (misguided) expectations of them.
And the best one: Harry Potter. Could Snape have been Harry's father? (A resounding "NO!" from me - but a interesting thought nonetheless.) 
We also had two home cooked meals on the weekend, which frankly, is a bit of a rarity these days.
Overall, the perfect beginning to the summer!  

What did you do this weekend? Any special celebrations you took part in to welcome summer?

xoxo Miriam

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  1. That horse picture is just the best!!!!

  2. Lovely sunset, and you caught some great pictures! I'm going to disregard the Smirnoff Ice ;) Sounds like a great weekend! Our's was pretty relaxing, with brunch out Saturday and Sunday!

  3. This sounds perfect, indeed! My favorite summer weekends involve delicious food, and a lot of sitting around in good company. I love your pictures (and still loving the bangs).

  4. Oooo... that would've been an awesome plot twist in HP! Have you ever read the book Harry Potter Should Have Died? It's pretty interesting... you should check it out!

  5. I second your NO on the Snape as Harry's father. The books say that he looked just like James Potter, so I think he HAS to be James' son. But it is an interesting twist.

    Your weekend sounds amazing! Yay for summer!!!


  6. OH and PS - where are the shoes on the right in the side-by-side feet shots from?? Tooooo cute!!



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