Wednesday 30 March 2016

A post all about happy things

Do you ever wake up in the morning, happy to be alive? I sincerely hope you do, because it's the best. 
I'm having one of those mornings today, where the sun is shining, the coffee tastes particularly good, and I have something fun planned today that I will tell you all about soon (pinky-swear!). 

I thought I would share 8 things that make me happy right now. Maybe they make you happy, too?

Evening dog walks

I don't know where I would be without the dogs - on the couch and 20 pounds heavier, probably. As much as I love working all days with my new rotation, the one adjustment I still struggle with is working out after work. Your legs are sore, the couch and a glass of wine are beckoning, you tell yourself that you had enough exercise with running around all day ... But there is a corgi jumping around you, looking up with hopeful eyes, and pulling gently (yet persistently) on your sleeve as soon as you sit down - she wants a walk. Being the sucker I am, I usually give in, and boy oh boy, am I ever glad I do!
The evenings have been golden and breathtakingly beautiful lately, restoring my energy, peace, and happiness levels. And giving me views like these:

Can you see the two white peacock hens in the tree? Look to the left of the photo :)

Spring blossoms
Aren't they glorious?

Taking videos (of everything)

Even ants.


I don't dance often, but when I do, I dance like nobody's watching.

Sweet old ladies
On the weekend, on a bad-hair and bad-face day (do you ever get those? Where your face just doesn't look right? They are the worst), an elderly patient looked at me, and exclaimed: "My god, you are beautiful!". I have the sneaking suspicion that she may be one of those people who says that to everyone, but it made me feel a million times better! I want to be like that when I'm older. 

Chocolate eggs
These harmless looking beauties are so bad, but SO good. 

Dreams coming true
Image source

My most favourite yogi out there, Kino MacGregor, is coming to Vancouver next month! She will be teaching a workshop, and I nabbed a spot in her Ashtanga Full Primary series class. I am so thrilled! This is a dream come true.

What is making you happy right now?


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