Thursday 3 March 2016

Style: On a mission

One of my best friends hates flowers. He is a boy (obviously, right?), and he claims he doesn't like any floral print. (He doesn't call it "floral print". The terminology eludes him. He says "I hate flowers on everything.")
That includes (but is not limited to) clothes, purses, curtains, napkins, bed sheets, table cloths, scrubs - and anything else you can imagine that could have a floral print. 
Nobody can hate an entire category, can they? (By the way, he doesn't mind the real thing. Which is lucky for his wife.)
I'm on a mission to prove him wrong, and to produce the one item he won't be able to resist. 

So far, no luck. 
His reaction when I showed him a picture of this dress was a "naw"; when I showed him that one he just shrugged his shoulders and mumbled something under his breath. It was probably good for both of us that I didn't catch it. 
Will these pants change his mind??
I'll keep you posted!

Pants: old (affordable; 7 For All Mankind ); cardigan: Winners (similar); clogs: Swedish Hasbeens; glasses: Derek Cardigan via


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