Monday 21 March 2016

Tiny houses

Have you heard of the tiny house movement? Basically, it describes people trading their normal-sized houses for tiny ones. Instead of living in a home that's on average 2,600 square feet, they choose to live in a tiny house that's between 100 and 400 square feet. The advantages are dramatically reduced costs, greener living, and cutting down hugely on buying "stuff". If you have no place to put it, you are much less likely to buy something just for the sake of going shopping.

While the idea of living small isn't new, the latest movement started less than 20 years ago, in 1997. Thanks to its presence on social media, I stumbled across it, and have been watching YouTube videos non-stop for the last few days. 
The idea has something deeply fascinating for me: It reminds me of my childhood fantasies of living in a tree house. Also, did you know that a lot of the tiny houses are on wheels? You just hook them onto your vehicle, and off you go. You could travel the world and always have your home with you! 
My head is spinning with all the amazing possibilities tiny houses could provide you with.

If you have a few hours (or days), take a look at this website that features hundreds of tiny houses: Tiny House Swoon. Let me warn you, it's addictive!

I have put together a list of my favourites for you. Enjoy!

The Lilypad

This is one of my favourites. The layout is beyond perfect, and I love how personal it is! Anita really managed to put her own unique stamp on every detail of her beautiful home.

Sandy Tiny house

This house is simple, but oh-so classy. I particularly love the 4-burner stove and the skylights.

Lewis and Clark's Tiny House

Cowboy-style done right. Wait until you see the steel tub!

My Empty Nest

Michelle poured all her love, blood and tears into creating her perfect little sanctuary. I think she succeeded!

The Treehouse

This place fulfills all my childhood dreams.

Psst. Did you know that it is an airbnb?

Rowan's Tiny House

A person who builds a special door for their pet is a person after my own heart (even if it is for a cat). ;-)

Coal Harbour Floating Home

This beautiful floating home is basically in my back yard, in Coal Harbour, Vancouver! I wonder if the owner would mind if I stop by ...? ;-)


This stunning luxurious home is a great example that going small doesn't mean roughing it. It has a state-of-the-art gas stove, normal sized fridge, and all the comforts of modern living. And take a look at the foldable window wall and the cute porch! It looks like a street café in Paris. I love this house.

Sleek Modern

The roof terrace! The kitchen! The big windows! This tiny house makes a big impact.

Hilltop Man Cave

To get the full impact of this unique house, you have to watch the video. This is, literally, a man cave! Don't forget to take in the view, it is breathtaking!


Lots of white and the natural light make this 160 square foot big home look spacious and inviting.

House Bus

Julie and Andrew created an incredibly cozy and well-functioning home in this 1990 Bluebird bus. If you want to learn more about life on the road and how they ended up living in a bus, check out Julie's blog and video below.

I decided to limit each home to two images, which was so hard to do. They are all so special and beautiful, I want to share everything with you! But for the sake of brevity (sort of, this is a mammoth post), I had to sacrifice detail. Please, please click on the links and enjoy the full tours! You won't be disappointed, I promise. 

What do you think? Are you ready to sell your place and build a community of tiny homes on a big, gorgeous piece of property? I'm in if you are ;-)

First image found here (edited by me). 
All other images found here.


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