Wednesday 9 March 2016

Spring magic

There is nothing quite like nature awakening after winter. Admittedly, our winter was mild and easy this year, but it's still magical. There is a special smell in the air in these early spring days, that puts a spring (the English language is lovely!) in your step and makes your heart light and happy. 

We are all soaking up every minute of it, basking in the sunshine and enjoying each other's company. Animals are always ecstatic when spring arrives, they get frisky, silly and rambunctious. Just like us!

I took all these photos with my new phone, which I'm loving pretty hard. It's so great!
I edited them with Instagram and then enlarged them, that's why they look a bit grainy. Somehow it works though, don't you think? Gives it a whimsical feel. 

I hope spring has arrived wherever you live. If it has, go out and enjoy it!


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