Wednesday 16 March 2016

Caribbean cruise

I've just returned from vacation, with a tan that made a friend comment that I have a glow, a few extra pounds, and a pile of photos that I feverishly sorted into a photo book and ordered two days ago.

I have a well-established 3-part post vacation routine that I haven't strayed from in years:
1. Unpack the suitcase right away. I can't relax until the suitcases are empty and put away. Type-A problems.
2. Do all the laundry. It gives me great pleasure to turn dirty clothes into clean ones, to fold them neatly and restock my closet. You know you are old grown-up when chores become fun.
3. Go through all the photos, edit them and make a photo book. I always do that on the first day I'm home, for a variety of reasons: Curiosity (how did they all turn out?), the pleasure of reliving it again, and the worry that if I don't do it anything with the photos right away, I won't ever do it. I wouldn't.

With these tasks being done, I can relax and share some vacation pics with you guys!
What we did on this vacation can be summarized in three words: eat, drink, laugh. We had a ton of fun with our friends, the weather was warm and beautiful every single day, and we thoroughly relaxed. The perfect get-away in a week where it rained buckets every single day at home, with massive power-outages everywhere due to storms. Well played. *pats self on shoulder*

We were on vacation with four other people, two of them fellow bird lovers like Richard. On our day on St. Thomas, we did a little tour to some of the highlights of the island, and stopped to take a few pictures of the gorgeous fauna and flora:

While I was happily snapping away, I couldn't help but notice a loud cacophony of animal noises. Hoping for drunk monkeys, I wandered off in pursuit of the source of the noise. Disappointingly for me, but exciting for the bird lovers of our group, it turned out to be birds. To be exact, the birds of a local bird breeder, who had a large variety of cockatoos and parrots instead of ducks and geese. 

Here he is:   

George graciously agreed to an impromptu tour, making the guys' day. 

After taking in the birds, we explored some more.

We had a blast! But like I said in my last post, I love being back home. The excitement of spring is in the air, and it's wonderful to witness the small changes every day. With the time change it's now light out till close to 8:00pm, which makes me all sorts of happy!

Happy humpday my loves! 


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