Friday 25 March 2016

Style: Trying to look sporty

Striped dress and sneakers

Last week was St.Paddy's day, and this week it's Easter? It's just wrong. Easter completely snuck up on me, despite the chocolate Easter eggs in the stores (and in our cupboard - and in my tummy). 
My plan of action is to ignore it this year, and be better prepared next year. 

In other news: I had my bangs trimmed 10 days ago, and instead of growing longer, I'm convinced they are getting shorter. Is that a thing? I swear, they hit just above my eyebrows in the hair salon, and now? Halfway up my forehead. Maybe that means that my forehead is growing? It's unsettling. 

Spring look

Well, let's move on to the outfit. I wore it on vacation (minus the jacket, because it was deliciously warm), and it made me feel sporty-chic. There's something about a body-hugging dress that boosts your confidence (on non-bloated days; it has the opposite effect on bloated ones), and paired with the runners it's also super comfy. I can't wait for the temperatures to rise again to wear it without the jacket!

Spring blossoms
Sporty spring look
A girl and her dog
 Trying to prevent Nina from jumping up on me.

Dress: H&M (lots of options available; how about this long-sleeved optionboat-neck dress, or super-cute midi dress?); shoes: Old Navy (these retro sneakers are amazing, and on sale for $24.99!); jacket: H&M (similar)

Funny .gif

I have to share this .gif with you. It's proof that dogs and their owners get more alike the longer they spent time together. Look at Lily and me, both trying to look sporty. Totally cracks me up!
(In case you're wondering what we are doing: I tried to include a jumping picture. Lily tried to look like a sleek greyhound. We both failed miserably.)



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