Monday 14 March 2016

Back to reality

🎶 It's a beautiful mornin', such a beautiful mornin' 🎶

Guys, I'm back! And I'm THRILLED about it.
We just returned from a week-long cruise through the Caribbean, and we had a BLAST. I think it's in the top 3 of all-time vacations. We went with four friends, which not only made for entertaining nights in various bars, but also ticked off another item on my Project 36-list: travelling with others. We didn't have a single disagreement or even tension, which makes this introvert excessively happy!

I will share photos and also a vacation video, just as soon as I have figured out how to make it. Google, I'm counting on you.
But before I flood you with images of palm trees and sandy beaches, I want to share a few insights I have gained during our week away.

I missed you. 
I missed the blog, reading your guys' blogs, and reading and responding to your comments. You may have noticed that I did post a couple of times last week, which were scheduled posts I had written in advance. (I'm as surprised about this as you are.)
I had a feeling that I wouldn't have Internet for most of the week, which turned out to be true; the Internet packages they offered were too pricey for me.
That's why I haven't responded yet to any of your comments, but I will do so today and tomorrow!

I missed the dogs.
This happens every time I'm away from them, and I will never get used to it. The dogs feel the same way, especially the corgi was delirious with happiness when we arrived home last night! We were both jumping up and down with joy, wagging our tails and licking each other. It was beautiful.
(Or gross, depending on your view on dog licking.)

I shall never complain about hard work again.
"Nine months of Mondays."
That's how one of the wonderful staff members of the ship put it. They have nine-month contracts where they work EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. You'll see them in the morning, serving at breakfast, and then again at night, serving in a different outfit and different restaurant, serving at dinner. Always friendly, always polite, always smiling. These people put me and my occasional complaints of "work is so busy" to shame.

I want a personal chef. 
The food, omg the FOOD. It's everything you have ever heard of cruise food, and more. If I will miss one thing here at home it's the 24/7 access to expertly prepared, fresh, incredibly delicious food.
How can I get a personal chef?

I love my reality.  
The much-talked about "escape" from reality is something that I actually don't need. Turns out, I like my reality. A lot. I love going on vacation and seeing new places, but talking to our friends made me realize that Rich and I have found a great work/life-balance in our everyday life.
I assumed that most people have the relaxation part down in a similar way like we do, but what I learnt is that even non-Germans can have the "live to work"-attitude that we both dislike so much.

Are their yards tidier than ours? Yes.
Do they have more money? For sure.
Are they more stressed out? You know it.

I'll keep my grass long and shelves dusty in return for loving my everyday routine as much as I do. No need to escape for this girl!
(But still, wanderlust forever.)

I'm so happy to be back!!

Love you guys,


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