Thursday 19 May 2016

Bloggers - they are just like us!

They open their trunks!

They fix their pony tail!

They take out their own shopping bags!

They carry their own shopping bags!

They show off their pedis! (Which they did themselves!!)

White tee: Old Navy
Chambray shirt: Old Navy
Sandals: Old Navy*
Sunnies: from Hawaii (similar)
Purse: old, but when you click on this Etsy link you will see lots of unique and fun bags!

*I'm expecting Old Navy to name me their official spokeswoman any day now. Geez! I seem to buy a lot of stuff from them, particularly basics. And shoes. I'm really liking their shoes. Old Navy, if you see this, I'm available!  

If they are really lucky, they have a best friend following them anywhere 

This is a little spoof to the Us-magazine segment Stars - they are just like us!
Because we are all stars! And stars are people just like us, which means we are all them same. Ladies and gentlemen, we just turned a very important corner here. We are all equal!
My job here is done. 

*drops mic*

Also, I would like to direct your attention back to the pictures again for a moment to appreciate the cleanness of my SUV. Let me tell you, it almost never looks like that. A series of fortunate events (hubby having my car washed, no rain=no mud for a while) conspired to make this miracle happen. 
And in true Miriam-fashion, it is now documented for all eternity. 

This is the kind of outfit I wear on a regular basis when I'm running errands. I do like to make a teeny bit of an effort, a) in hopes of getting another compliment, and b) because not only do I wear scrubs and farm clothes every day, but now yoga pants are making a daily appearance. I do like to put on "real" clothes at least a couple times a week, and sadly, running errands is sometimes the only opportunity I get in a week (cue: sad little violin playing). Ha! I'm kidding! (not really)

Anyway! If you'd like to recreate my amazingly inspired outfit, here are a few choices for ya!


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