Tuesday 10 May 2016

When you start to repeat yourself

I sat down in front of my computer this morning, fuelled by coffee and a burst of inspiration that had come to me overnight. It's the BEST when that happens, and it's been a while since I woke up with an idea.

I started working on a post about envy. Envy has plagued me a lot in my life until fairly recently, and I wanted to share my epiphanies on what caused it, and how I overcame it. 243 words in, I started to have a weird feeling - sort of a tingling in my neck, the nagging sense that this all seemed familiar. Had I read it somewhere else? Just to make sure, I entered "envy" in my blog's search engine - and found this post. I already wrote a post about this very topic, 10 months ago!

It's official: I have run out of things to say. Also, my bad memory is worrisome. The problem is that I live so much in my head most of the time, that I sometimes forget what I had planned to write and what I actually wrote. 

In a world where we are bombarded by thousands (millions?) of images, stories, snaps, and way too much information every day for our little brains to contain, I am beginning to lose my mind.

At first I was tempted to just keep going anyway. After all, how many people would actually notice that I had written a similar post last year? If I could not remember, they probably couldn't either. But as soon as I had read my words from the last post, whatever I had wanted to say was now influenced by them. 
So I said "screw it", and this is what you're getting instead. 

My life is pretty settled: Same job for the past 6 years, same house for the past 13, same man for almost 14 years. Am I getting boring? My rebellious teenage self would cringe looking at me now. But I am content and happy, so I don't really want to change anything. 

I guess I just have to write through it. Less thinking, more doing. Flex my rusty creative muscles, and actually do some of the projects I had planned at the beginning of the year. 

In the meantime, I'm counting on your guys' memory to be just as bad as mine. 

Oh, and my number one tip for overcoming envy once and for all? 
Creating a happy life for yourself. Envy doesn't like happiness, because happiness takes its power away. 

How do you guys come up with fresh content? Any advice is highly appreciated. 

P.S. I'm actually not boring. Look how much fun I'm having trying to put my leg behind my head!


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