Thursday 26 May 2016

Dreaming the dream

I have been engulfed by a sea of blah lately. All I have been able to think, talk, and dream about are the following topics:
- Work (SO annoying). 
- Money (we don't have enough of it, and that's annoying). 
- Husband (not living up to my expectations. SO annoying).
- Rashes (I have talked about it several times lately, because it's on my mind a LOT: this "stress rash" I get in an unfortunate spot (hint: south of my lower back - very sexy), and that's itchy, scarring, inescapable, and unattractive as hell. Again, SO annoying).

The joys of adult life. 

Here is the thing, though: We ALL have to deal with daily bullshit. Work, bills, neighbours who complain about something, grass that needs mowing, carpets that need vaccuuming, pets that misbehave, kids who have issues, spouses that annoy us - it's part of life. Most of the time, I'm totally fine with it, and can handle it easily, with a twinkle in my eye and a silly joke on my lips. And I'm sure that you can as well. 

But, there are those times when we feel vulnerable, sad, and fragile. Where the daily bullshit threatens to crush us. 
I just lived through two of those weeks, and it took me until today to pull myself out of it. 

Now I can see the light again. The clouds have cleared, and the sun is coming through, shining brilliantly. 
What gets me through the tougher times is dreaming about a fictitious future life. I don't actually want that life to become real; but I love imaging myself in it.

In that dream, I would sell our house, solving the money problem at once. Then we would buy a beautiful place in this valley, up in the mountains: In the pure mountain air, away from civilization, but still only a 15-minute drive to shops, restaurants and medical help if we need it.

We would get this tiny house:

Words can't express how obsessed I am with this house. I want it.

I would bake my own bread in my tiny oven, eating it when still warm, filling our tiny home with its delicious smells. Then I would do all the things I love: Yoga outside in the fresh air, with the mountains as beautiful backdrop. Blogging every day. Writing a bestselling novel. Reading to my heart's content. Going for lunch dates with Rich.
We would still have all our animals, and Rich would putter around outside all day.
At night we would cook healthy meals together (because in this parallel universe, I love cooking), and eat them outside under the stars.
The dogs could bark all night, and nobody would complain. Because the next neighbour is too far away to hear them.

We would buy a canoe and go canoeing on Chilliwack lake. With the corgi and Nina in the boat with us.
Rich would have a sixpack.
So would I.

Also, my hair would look like this:
Image found here

It would naturally dry in perfect waves, always looking stunning.
Because, why not? My dream, my rules.

I would dress like this all day long: 
Images stolen from Pinterest

And I would meditate. And love it.

Several times a year we would travel, leaving the farm in the hands of the most trustworthy and reliable person in the world. We would know that we could trust them, and not worry at all while we are away. 

Oh yes, I would never worry at all, but be calm, wise and at peace.

Would I love horseback riding in this scenario? Why the hell not - yes! 
And we would gallop into a perfect sunset together every night.   

What's your refuge from reality when you want to escape your life for a while?


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