Monday 16 May 2016

Just popping in

Just poppy'n in - get it?
I'm cracking myself up here.

You are meant to be reading a post about "What prostates have taught me". Which is a LOT.  Alas, I got side-tracked last night by Chinese food with friends, so you can look forward to that post tomorrow. I am building suspense here. It will be a spectacular post! Life-changing!! You don't wanna miss in!!!

In the meantime, why don't you take a look at my new and improved New reader? Start here! page.
I made a button for it and everything: 

It's supposed to give new readers an idea what this blog is all about. Which is a question I ask myself regularly, because sometimes I barely know myself. But after some reflection I am back on track, and can reveal the grand purpose of this here blog:

***drumroll, please***

Figuring out life. 

There you have it. The topic I love to talk about more than anything in the world is life. How to live a happy life, how to find one's purpose, how some people seem to squeeze out every last drop of life, while others simply exist. How to be in the former camp, and not the latter.
I want to sit on my porch in about 50 years, look back at my life, and be able to say to myself:
"I lived the hell out of life. I did good."

That's my blog in a nutshell: Figuring out life, one blog post at a time. 

What about yours?


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