Friday 13 May 2016

Scroll and stop

Today I am participating in a fun challenge that my creative blog friend Liz came up with: Scroll and stop
It's super-easy, and a fun little walk down memory lane: 

// Open the camera roll on your phone.

// Start scrolling, and randomly put your finger down.

// Whatever photo you landed on, choose it! I took a screen shot of it, and then kept going. 

// Repeat as often as you want! I chose 10 photos. 

// Visit Liz and leave a comment sharing your post, so she can check it out. And please do the same here! We both LOVE photography. 

Most surprising revelation of this quick challenge: It's not all yoga photos! I do actually take pictures of other stuff as well. 
Most unsurprising fact: There are a LOT of photos of Lily, the Corgi. And the other dogs. 
Okay, here we go!

That's how Lily sleeps when she is reeeaaally relaxed. I take pictures of her on a daily basis. You could say that I'm besotted with this dog. 

I took this photo on a recent walk with the Corgi. There is no filter on it! I simply love my Samsung S6 camera. 

You guys probably can't fully appreciate how much this photo means to me. First, meeting my hero Kino MacGregor was a dream come true. Secondly, going up to her and asking for a picture took an almost superhuman effort. I'm the kind of person who is too afraid to do this sort of thing, slinking away and then regretting it for the rest of her life. But, not this time! And I'm so, so grateful for it. I want to remember this moment of bravery forever, so I can be brave again next time. 

A peaceful evening spent under the willow tree. There have been many since this one, and there will be so many more! It's my favourite spot in the world.

I love taking pictures when I'm on dogwalks. This is one of the literally hundreds that are on my phone. 


Ha! This one cracked me up. I took a selfie with Miss Phoebe, and inadvertently a crotch shot of Rich, who is picking his nose. I really wanted to post it as is, but children might see it. I don't want to scar them for life haha!

A photo of our beautiful cruise.

And another one (I didn't scroll very far, it seems).

At last, a yoga photo! This is from the beginning of the year, February maybe? I remember that it was cold, but that I simply HAD to get out in nature. I'm a true nature girl at heart.

Wanna give this quick challenge a try?


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