Friday 19 September 2014

Camp style

Today's post is inspired by our 3-day camping trip we just came home from a few hours ago. It was total bliss: we took a couple friends, a couple dogs, and three horses and took off to a favourite camp site of ours, close to Merritt, BC. There is no cell reception (which accounts for my radio silence), just gorgeous country site and friendly people. As per usual, I took a gazillion photos, and will share a few more tomorrow, but for now let's focus on the "fashion" aspect of things.  

There are several non-negotiable items you need when you go camping: 
1. Crocs. Or in my case, Dawgs (because I like dogs, duh). I know they are hideous and the epitome of shoe atrocities, but nonetheless, they are perfect for camping. 
2. Ariat lace-up riding boots. Because about twice a year, I do actually climb on my horse, and this trip was one of those times. I have had them for 12 years, and if I keep using them sparingly, they will last me a lifetime. Great boots! Oh, and they have to be dirty. Don't clean them, or you will look like a city slicker. 
4. Bandana around your neck, given to you by a real cowboy. More about that tomorrow.
5. Greasy hair, dirty nails, dusty feet. 
6. A hat, to cover said greasy hair. Even the dogs wear them (see below). 
7. Coffee. Because, you know, coffee.

This is not our dog. He came for a visit, and stayed for a few hours. His name is Cola, and I really like him. 
This is also not our horse. She came for a visit as well. Her name is Norma.

We had a blast, but honestly, three days of not washing gets to you. This shower I had a couple hours ago was heaven! Not only for me, but apparently for the people around me as well. 

Anyway, more about our quick trip tomorrow. Have a lovely weekend!

xoxo, clean Miriam

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  1. I think the jeans and Crocs picture is my favorite...not gonna lie :)
    So, in all of the fun I've had reading and commenting on your blog I don't think I've ever mentioned how much I envy the fact that you get to be around so many amazing animals so often. I seriously love animals - dogs, cats, horses, other house pets, other farm animals, and even the occasional lizard (lol). Its always such a treat to see the pictures that you take with them - what a lucky girl you are!!
    ~ Samantha

  2. I Loooooove the idea to go and get around somewhere not by car but on horses! I love Nature very much and I used to could not imagine without huge cities (lived in several very big cities on 2 continents, different countries) but now no big cities thank you or maybe just for a visit... So yeah, I got your point! And camping? Sounds like so much fun and even (way) more with Animals :}}}

  3. OH my goodness I'm in LOVE with Cola! ahahaha :)

  4. I take my crocs camping too. They are perfect for rainy days (as long as it's not too cold). Even though we camp where there are showers, I usually take one every other day. So yeah, that first shower at home, no shower shoes to deal with, is pure heaven!

  5. How pretty! Sounds and looks very relaxing. Love your camping attire :)

  6. I love this fashion post!! And the camping fashion tips! :) Gorgeous scenery.



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