Tuesday 9 September 2014

Golden hour

Ghost, the llama.
Our oldest sheep, Matilda.

Golden light. It really exists, and it is a beautiful and special as gold dust. I always associate it with September - September is the golden month for me, one of my favourite months of the year. It is still warm, yet crisp. The days and evenings are touched with this unique glow. And the smells - the smells are out of this world amazing. I can't really describe them: it's a fresh, earthy, fragrant, delicious smell that tells stories of ripening fruit, warm earth, a hint of the coming cold, and hundreds of hours of sunshine that seeped into the soil, grass, trees and lakes. It's the best smell in the world, and worth paying the price of summer ending.     

Lily trying to herd the sheep. They seem mildly amused, yet in awe of her skills.
(And they let themselves be herded. What a good flock.)

Golden-eyed Sheila.
Ghost getting her treats.
Playing catch.
Peeking over our friend's shoulder.
Hungry horses (and a Sheila)

Do you love the smells and light of September as much as I do? Or  are you sad to see summer go?

Love, Miriam

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  1. Can I please borrow your llama? It is very important, for cuddles.

  2. Your animals are beautiful! I want to live on a farm! I do love fall, but I DO NOT like winter! So the only reason I sort of don't like fall is because I know, winter is next in line... and where I live, that means having to wear a zillion layers just to walk the dogs!

  3. you have really captured the golden light, both in photos and in words. i love it too! (and thanks for your sweet and thoughtful comment on my blog:))

  4. I think September is absolutely beautiful. September and October are my two favorite months. I love the pictures of all your animals.


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