Tuesday 30 September 2014

September was golden

September, you deserve a round of applause. You were outstanding! Lots and lots of golden sunshine, fun outings, a camping trip, a free dress, some surprising happy news - what more could a girl ask for? This is a tough act to follow (yes, I'm looking at you, October!).
Here is the usual monthly picture-round up.

Summer in the city | Blackberries | Sunflower | Hungry horses (and a Sheila)
Our own apples | Sunshine flooding the office | Ghost, the llama | Lily, sheep herder
My faithful companion | Under the willow tree | Breakfast for the horses
Hummingbird dress | Blue | Poppies | Dahlias
 Perfect evening idyll | Coffee love | Autumn is colourful
Beach walk | Grasshopper | Evening sky show | Red berries
Green-eyed girl | Boots season has started | Mushrooms in our yard | Texture
Spiderweb | Turkeys on the prowl | Autumn leaves | Bear

Tomorrow is the first day of Blogtober! Are you in?

xoxo Miriam

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  1. Great pictures! You have beautiful eyes. I think the turkeys look pissed off LOL.
    Didn't we meet up on Blogtober or Blogember of last year? I wish I had time to play along this time around. I don't want to commit to it then not be able to post. I will try though!

  2. I agree with Mary - your eyes are crazy pretty in that picture! And I think my favorite picture of the bunch is the one of you b the chickens in your white dress with the red birds on it - animals, farmy, cute style, big smile - it captures you perfectly! All of these pictures are so wonderfully colorful...it makes me want to find more color in my world, too!
    Can't see what's coming in October!
    ~ Samantha

  3. I love seeing your month pictures! So lovely! I've been taking the camera on our walks in the evening and photographing all the new plant varieties :)

  4. Love the Pictures! I can't believe September is over already.

  5. I can't believe September is over so quick! The whole year has flown but September more so.
    Beautiful photos as always, I could look at all your animals all day. The 'Perfect evening idyll ' photo is my idea of paradise. Stunning!!!!



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