Friday 5 September 2014

Style: Is it time for tweed yet?

So yes, fall is here. After a little bout of summer sadness ("don't go! I need you!"), I have decided to embrace it in all its pumpkin-y, hot beverage-y and crisp glory. The biggest reason? Fall fashion!
Fall is the very best season to dress for. The opportunities are endless! You can rock boots, but also flats and clogs without getting cold feet; there are dresses, skirts, jeans, leggings, the choice between tights or no tights, cute jacket or no jacket, scarves (scarf season has started!), hats, cable-knit sweaters or flimsy blouses - and tweed. Yes, I said it. I love tweed! 

I bought this skirt for a ridiculously cheap price (I think something like $12.-) because it was at the beginning of summer. It was the only one, hanging in between all the high-waisted, ass cheek-bearing shorts, and it looked lonely. In need of rescue. So I did! 
I have big plans for this skirt: tights, over-the-knee-socks and booties, and on top maybe one of my bow-tie blouses (I also have one in red). Or a thin-knit sweater? There are several leather jackets that would simply look smashing with it as well...
Bring it on, fall. 


Skirt: Forever 21, sold out (similar: here); T-shirt: Old Navy; hat: H&M; clogs: Lotta From Stockholm

What item(s) of clothing are you excited to wear this fall?

xoxo Miriam

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  1. Flippin' love your hat! I'm excited to find a hat as cool as yours and wear it with everything!

    1. Thanks hun! Hats are great, lately I'm obsessed. Mainly because Richard's skin is beautiful and pretty wrinkle-free, and he has worn hats for the last 30+ years. Stylish and functional? Perfection!

  2. Oh my goodness the possibilities are endless with the tweed! Sooo cute!


  3. Those shoes are awesome! I love the pop of red with all the neutrals.

    I'm not a big fan of tweed, and we don't really get fall where I live, but I love plaid flannel shirts. So snugly and cozy :)

  4. The dress and hat look lovely on you. I'm not a big tweed person. But, this year I might have to try wearing it.


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