Sunday 7 September 2014

10 reasons why you need bangs

Bangs and I are lovers. Reluctant at first, but now fully committed. Who knew we would develop such a strong relationship?
When you look at it more closely though, it makes perfect sense. In fact, there are 10 excellent reasons why everybody should get bangs!

1. They cover up forehead wrinkles.

2. And a bad (i.e. receding) hairline.

3. Everybody has had them at one time or another.
Not that this is a legit reason to get them, but seriously? What's good enough for Emma Stone, Beyon, J.Lo, Catherine Zeta Jones, Jessica Biel, Reese Witherspoon, Angelina Jolie (and the list goes on) - is good enough for me.

4. Don't have time to wash your hair? Simply wash your bangs instead (which takes me 2 minutes flat from wash to blow-dry), and your hair looks as good as new halfway decent for the day.

5. Do you feel lonely sometimes? In need of unburdening yourself to someone? Well, look no further. As soon as you get bangs, you will see your hairdresser a LOT. Every 2-3 weeks in fact. (Unless you want to go Suri-short, then you have at least 4-6 weeks in between cuts.)
We all know that hairdressers really are underpaid psychiatrists, right? Let it all out!
Only source I found is Pinterest

6. If you have a round face (I do), bangs will make it look... - well, not necessarily less round, but sort of flat-on-top, round on the bottom. That's better, right?
Round face                                                              Flat-round face (=better, right?)

7. If you are a person that's easily bored, bangs will keep you busy. As soon as you have passed the precious, extremely narrow stage of perfect length (in my experience, it lasts all of half a day), you will keep fiddling with them. Brushing them out of your eyes, trying to sweep them to the side (damn, still too short for that), tidying them constantly since they like to part at unfortunate angles. No more worrying about what to do with your hands!

9. Many have tried, most have regretted it. Will you beat the odds and stick to bangs?

10. After suffering 3 hellish years in the vicious cycle of growing bangs to hide forehead acne/acne quadrupling due to bangs/can't grow out bangs since I-must-hide-acne, I can finally have bangs without that nightmare ever.again. Teenage angst conquered!


Well yes, pretty much. I shut up now. Happy Monday!

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  1. I love my bangs! Like you, I was really nervous about making such a big change. I, too, have a round face and was worried it would just look rounder. But it doesn't. And now I won't die wondering what I might have looked like with bangs. Right now, I am kind of wondering what I would look like as a brunette...Because, I mean, if you can get bangs, you can do anything! That's kind of how we feel, right?

  2. I have DEFINITELY given myself bangs because of acne, hahahahaha!
    You look younger with bangs I think!

  3. I have the WORST love-hate relationship with bangs! I had them for years when I was little, grew them out, wanted them again, regretted it the INSTANT I cut them, learned to love them again by the time they were just about grown out, tried to "trim them" and ended up with a jagged line across my forehead, grew them out...maybe one day when my hair is super long again I'll cut them but as for now, I'll let you take over in the "bangs" category. I've got a round face, too, but don't think I could commit to bangs just yet!
    ~ Samantha

  4. I tried to grow my bangs out recently but I'm pretty sure my forehead tripled in size (seriously - has it always been that big or did I just get used to it being hidden behind hair?) bangs will likely stick around for awhile.

    Your top 10 list is spot on!


  5. I grew out my bangs in kindergarten and have never had them since! I don't think I could handle all the up-keep.


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