Wednesday 3 September 2014

The almighty LIKE

Once upon a time, people took photos as personal keepsakes. They took them for themselves, to show them to their children, and to share some memories with family and friends. 

But then, something happened. Something big. 
In 2009, Facebook launched its iconic 'Like' button. A year later, Instagram was released with its cute little 'like' heart -  and the world of photos as we knew it was history.

The reasons for taking and posting  pictures have changed. While we still like to snap photos for the fun of it and to capture memories, there is now another, much more compelling reason: to collect 'likes'.
We want people to like our shit!

I am no different, of course. Yet, I still haven't fully figured out the secret code of how to become a successful collector of hundreds and thousands of likes. So I did a little research (i.e. scrolled through my Facebook and IG feeds, harrumphing along the way), and discovered a few crowd pleasers. If you want to get those likes, do any (or all) of the following:

1. Get married. Wedding photos are guaranteed to get you numerous likes! However, I have noticed that they seem to be more popular on Facebook than Instagram. Keep that in mind.
2. Get pregnant. Baby bump updates are hot stuff. Keep those updates coming! Also, make sure to peruse Pinterest extensively for a) pregnancy announcement ideas and b) gender reveal ideas.
3. To complete the magic triumvirate - baby pictures. Do I need to say more? I think not. Babies are cute. People like cute. It's a no-brainer.
4. If you are unlucky enough to have none of the above (like me, boohoo - I got married before Facebook and Instagram, and in any case, my wedding was totally Pinterest-unworthy), try kitten pictures. Or puppies. Even though I have noticed a disturbing trend: cats seem to be more popular than dogs - wtf??!!

No cat is cuter than this. 

5. Selfies. It wasn't the Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year 2013 for nothing. Selfies are hugely popular, but I can't fathom why. What is so interesting about a person's face? Over and over again? Ah well, a wise person once said that you may not know how electricity works, but you use it anyway - so for the sake of being 'liked', let's all selfie away!
6. Cleavage. I have also noticed that a healthy amount of cleavage is very well liked - #sexsells.
7. Hashtags. It's all about location, location, location. The more hashtags you use, the more people will see your stuff - right? Who cares if some find it annoying? #results #yolo #instafamous
8. Add porn to it. Since we are on the subject of hashtags: Did you know that you can add "porn" to everything? Quite a few may have heard of #foodporn. I myself have used #skyporn. But it doesn't have to end there! There is #corgiporn. #shoeporn. Even - dare I say it? #pornporn. There are no limits! So porn away.

9. Shamelessly plug yourself on your blog in the hopes of more followers.
10. Be Justin Bieber. Did you know that the Biebs (do people still call him that?) is the most popular person on Instagram with over 12 million followers? Closely followed by Kim Kardashian and Rihanna. What has the world come to? #mindblown

Follow these tips and you will be the most 'liked' person in no time!

#farmgirl Miriam ;-)

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    ~ Samantha

    1. You.are.hilarious!! I not only love this - I really, really like it, too. Like, triple-like. You win the award for best comment of the day! Or ever. #ilikefunnypeople

  2. Cute post!! Eddie says "kitties rule doggies drool" ;) I can't believe that Bieber is the most followed...that is SO sad!

  3. Haha. The pictures of my kitties always seem to get the most likes on instagram. Not always on Facebook though. I agree about using the hashtags. Especially on instagram. And yes we love to have our photos liked. Even though I post pictures because I want to it is always fun when someone likes the things that I post on social media and my blog.

  4. Whoa, whoa, whoa... cats more popular than dogs?! WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?!

  5. ^^^^Hahaha to Samantha's comment- I give her 100 likes if I could^^^^
    I get caught up in the likes game and get excited if I get more then 15. And I use #carporn when I see a hot Audi or Vette LOL

  6. #crackedmeup #sotrue

    My cats get a fair amount of likes on IG...but most of my friends are dog people (what's up with that, really?) so it seems that outfit pics get the most likes from my perspective.

    I always remind myself - it's not about how many people "like" this - it's about capturing a memory. It's easy to get caught up in a comparison game if you're not careful.


  7. Stopping by from the link up! This definitely made me LOL. My little cousin can post a picture of her feet and get like 150 likes. I just don't get it


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