Sunday 14 September 2014

Sometimes, good things happen to those who wait

Happy Sunday friends!
I decided to whip off a quick post, because a couple of surprising, neat little events have happened last week, and it's always good to spread happiness around. 

Let's start with a little change on this blog. Have you noticed the new ad to the right? I got accepted by BlogHer, a blog publishing network, which thrills me to no end! There is a fun little twist to this story which makes it even more special to me: I applied all the way back in January - and got turned down. Not really that surprising, but it was a bummer nonetheless. However, after licking my wounds, I decided to move on and forgot all about it. 
Then last week, 8 months after my initial application, I received an email telling me that I had now been accepted! Lesson learnt: reach for the stars, even if they seem way out of reach. You never know what can happen!

Happy event number 2 just occurred yesterday. While we were on vacation in August, somebody broke into our community mailbox. Since we had been gone, I did not know exactly when it happened, and how many/if any mail was stolen. We didn't expect anything important, so I wasn't too worried about it. By the time we came back home it had been repaired, a bunch of mail was waiting for us, and it all seemed in order.

Also, another detail you need to know is that we had a flood in our house last year. We do have house insurance, but there were a few minor difficulties getting everything reimbursed. We had received a small amount of money initially, but tried to get the full amount. That all happened a long time ago, and we never heard back.

Okay, with the back story in place, let's return to yesterday. On our way out, the phone rang. Rich internally debated if he should pick it up or let it go to voice mail, but in the end he picked up.
It was a police officer. With good news! He informed us that they had arrested a guy who had a cheque in his pocket, addressed to us, in the value of over $1,300.00, from our house insurance.  

Several things are amazing about this: We didn't expect a cheque. Since we never heard back from the insurance, we assumed that they had turned us down. Because of that, we never knew that it had been stolen. How crazy is that??
Not only is my faith in our insurance company restored, but faith in humanity as well.   

On this note, stay positive! You never know what can happen, life is full of surprises. Sometimes even good ones! ;-)

Have you had any happy surprises lately? Do tell!

Love, Miriam

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  1. Throw some of that luck this way, girl! AWESOME! :D

  2. That is great Miriam!! What happy surprises!! Congrats again on BlogHer :)

  3. How crazy is that?!? How exciting! I love when things like that happen!
    In regard to your first exciting event (congrats, by the way!) there's a quote that I've heard, "Shoot for the Moon, even if you miss you'll land among the stars" and your "shoot for the stars" made me think of it. I think it's so important for people to just GO FOR IT because you're right - you never know what could happen! Did I ever think that I'd "just apply" for an internship and actually get to go? Did I ever think that applying for that one scholarship on a random Saturday afternoon would actually result in getting the scholarship? And most of all, did I ever think blogging would allow me to meet so many awesome other bloggers? NO. But I went for it, and everything worked out in one way or another. I'm so, SO excited for you with BlogHer! That's amazing!
    ~ Samantha

  4. Congrats on getting accepted from Blogher!! And it's awesome you got the check back especially since you didn't even know it was stolen. I'm glad everything worked out.

  5. Congratulations on getting the Blogher gig as well as money, money, money!!!

  6. Hey! I must have missed this one. Congrats on the happy things! It took me a while to get on Blogher too :) they're fancy like that.


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