Tuesday 20 January 2015

Carb lovers + Let's grow together {link-up #3}

Our farm animals are creatures after my own heart. Why? Because they love bread and carbs as much as I do! We get tons of leftover bread from a friend who gets it from a bakery, and feed it to our horses and sheep. They love it. And why shouldn't they? Bread is one of my great joys in life, a staple of my daily diet, and I can't imagine ever giving it up. Neither can the sheep or horses.

Most popular man on the farm. 

Our first baby was born a week ago! Little Rosy is happy and healthy. 

Her mama loves bread just as much as the rest of the gang. 

Rosy is still too young to enjoy the carbeliciousness. But she watches and learns. 
(The handsome fella to the right is her daddy.)

"Do you have bread?"
I didn't.

Neither did Rich.
After we ran out of bread, he brought out more treats. 

The llamas got some as well.

"I want some too!" Miss Ghost (white face) tells her husband crossly.

Husband and wife biggering. Despite what most people believe, llamas spit very rarely at humans; most often they use it on each other when they are mad. Here they are fighting because Neil is so pushy and doesn't want her to get any treats (typical male behaviour). No worries, she got them!

So did Lily.

You gotta love anyone who is so enthusiastic about food!

Do you love bread and carbs just as much as we do? Have you ever tried the low- (or no-) carb lifestyle (shudder!)?

And now, link up your lovely blogs so I have something to read at work tonight! ;-)

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  1. I'm a big fan of carbs too, carbs forever all the time for me in every kind presentation! High five girl ;-)
    LOVED the Llamas, their happiness face with the bread treats! Just love it!!

  2. I am currently doing a very low carb diet - the only carbs I am having are brown rice and sweet potatoes. Oh how I miss bread! I love the llamas even more now that I know they love carbs as much as me! x

  3. I wish that someone would just come along and hand me bread to eat!

  4. Oh my gosh that little baby Rosy is so sooo cute!! :)

  5. Such cute pictures!! I love bread and pasta too much to consider a low carb diet (I don't really believe in dieting anyway) :) One of our favorite dinners is good cheese and good bread :)

  6. I think Rosy may need to come live with me, because she is SO adorable! But then again....so is Lily!

  7. Mmm, I love carbs. None of that whole wheat stuff either - especially when it comes to pasta. I want the white starchy variety that is terrible for the body. So tasty.

    Rosy is adorable. Baby animals are the cutest!

  8. Miss Ghost and Neil - Love that part! LOL

  9. Mmmm bread.. I love it too!
    Also, love the pic of Ghost and Crossly with their heads up in the air. So cute!

  10. Oh goodness, these pictures could not be more adorable!! Can I please adopt Rosy?!

  11. I've never been a huge carb fanatic - unless you count veggie carbs! But I've never been a huge pasta/bread girl, I'll take nuts and chocolate any day! Right now I'm trying to find more of a balance with carbs/fats/proteins (check out my latest post!). One thing I know for sure though is: when I do try to cut back on carbs, I am so moody!!! There really is something to be said for the effect sugar has on the body!
    ~ Samantha

  12. Your farm animals are adorable.


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