Monday 12 January 2015

How to make greasy hair look clean - without washing it

Two words: dry shampoo.
I could really just call it a day and leave it at that, because that's the secret! But you all know that I'm wordy, so let me elaborate, please? 'Kay, cool.

I have gone from being a religious daily hair-washer to only washing every three days. To me, that's huge. Humongous! Let me give you a very brief history of my hair so you can grasp the significance of this achievement. I had long, unkempt hair as a child until the age of 10 when my mom, fed up with a daughter who never brushed her hair, took me to the hair dresser and had it all chopped off. That move gave me the dreaded mushroom haircut, and from that moment on my hair was more or less shortish all my life.  
I figured that you can't ruin short hair and started washing it daily as a teenager, a habit I stuck with for the next 15+ years.

Then, two years ago I decided to let my hair grow out, mainly to see if I could. In an effort to do it right, I decided to treat my hair more kindly than I had in the past, and to stop with the daily washing+blow drying. 
Fellow daily washers, have you ever tried it? It's brutal. If you start the vicious cycle of daily shampooing, then daily shampooing is what your spoiled locks demand. If you don't give it to them, their revenge is swift and merciless: in the form of greasy, greasy roots.

Plus in my case: a fierce cowlick (another reason why I used to wash daily, it was the only way to tame that wild beast). 
I knew that your scalp would get used to less frequent shampooing and produce less oil, but to get there seemed a fight not worth fighting.
I would have given up a long time ago, had my daughter not introduced me to this miracle in a bottle: Dry shampoo.

It was a total game changer. I swear by that stuff! Like I mentioned before, I'm now down from 7/7 hair washes per week to 2.5/7.
Dry shampoo is a total life safer. Here is how to use it:
1. Shake vigorously.
2. Spray into roots.
3. Massage into scalp.
4. Brush.

Don't be alarmed if you use too much and end up being grey:

It brushes out easily. 

And voila! The neat side effect is more volume, plus better grip for updos like messy buns. 

There you have it! A total life-, time-, and money-saver. Give it a try!

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  1. somehow, dry shampoo doesn't work for me! i've tried it so many times, but it always makes my hair look even worse. i haven't tried that batiste brand yet though, so maybe that's my solution!

  2. Hooray for dry shampoo. I was a daily hair washer too but changed to every other day last year (one step at a time), and leaving it for 3 days at weekends. It's been hard but my hair is definitely growing quicker and is in better condition for it. I've faffed around with different brands but Batiste is the only one worth using. x

  3. Great tutorial! I love dry shampoo and Batiste is definitely my favourite so far. I used to be a daily washer too till I found it. What a hair saver! :)

  4. I only wash my hair two-three times a week as well and just in the past year or so began using dry shampoo. Now I love it!

    Loving your How To series!

  5. I love dry shampoo and use is on days that I oversleep and don't have time to shower before work(shhh don't tell my co-workers). My problem is when I don't wash past 1 day, I get all itchy. That is the part I can't stand. That and the pony tail crease because I can not sleep with my hair down. I feel like I am choking. LOL

  6. Gah! Dry shampoo changed my life in the best ways possible. I literally have to wash my hair once maaaaaybe twice a week. Hello, extra sleep in the morning!


  7. You look so beautiful!
    But dry shampoo just doesn't seem to work with my hair! Boo! At least I know I've been doing it right haha


  8. Yessssss dry shampoo! Definitely a lifesaver. I bought my first can in college, and all my friends were like: "Oh great, now she's never going to wash her hair." Haha. :) You can also spray it in your hair before you go to bed, and overnight as you rub your pillow it will add volume.

  9. Oh wow that looks awesome! Now I need to get one too!! Thanks for sharing!


  10. I LOVE dry shampoo. It has saved me so much time- plus I feel like my color stays a little longer since I'm not washing as frequently!


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