Thursday 18 February 2016

Style: Dreaming of spring

It has begun: The time of the year where I will talk about spring like it's a long-lost lover. I yearn for it. I can't stop thinking about it, imagining what it will feel like, it's gentle caress on my bare skin...

*looks up, blushing furiously*

Sorry, I forgot for a minute that you are all here. 

It's true though: I'm done with winter. We broke up, and it's not me, it's you: You are too wet and grey, and I've had enough. We all have! 
So I'm doing what I do every year: Surround myself with flowers, to make our home nice and inviting for spring. Flowers are in our yard, on our kitchen table, and on my clothes. 

Spring, I am waiting for you!

Dress: ModCloth (not available any more; this one is oh-so pretty!); jacket: gift (similar); gumboots: Dunlop (they are heavy-duty farm boots: I've had them for years, and they are still 100% water proof and super warm. Not pretty, but essential for survival!); if you are looking for way cuter boots, how about these colourful polka dot ones? hat: H&M (similar

Please, spring, hurry up!


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