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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Clothes are the key to this woman's heart

Happy humpday on this beautiful Blogtember day. Today we are talking about a topic that's close to my heart: Share links to your favorite online shops, preferably with a few photos of your favorite items in each shop.

Aah, online shopping. Such a pleasure of mine! I wrote a long post about this back in May: Why online shopping is awesome.

For this prompt I decided to focus on my favourite online store: ModCloth.
I love them! Their clothes are so cute and original, and I adore the little stories they write about each piece.

The theme: farm style!

Farm Girl

Overalls: found here
Plaid shirt: found here
Autumn scarf: found here
Squirrel skirt: found here
Llama T-shirt: found here
Swan undies: found here
Most magical dress ever (I ordered it!): found here
Bird dress: found here
Peacock dress: found here

Such a fun topic today!

What would you pick?

Love, Miriam


  1. I kind of love that overalls are back in style. I just don't know if I could pull them off :) Your first three picks make me so excited for cozy fall weather!

  2. As someone who lives in a really rural area online shopping has become a saving grace for me to get almost anything I could ever want. Some of my favorite places to get clothes online is LL Bean and Etsy. I was never really a fan of overalls in the 90's, but I am thrilled (and have bought several) that plaid shirts are back in fashion.

    1. I have never checked out LL Bean, will do that! But I love etsy too, so many amazing vendors there and great deals!
      The older I get the more I find that I don't enjoy crowded stores with long lines any more - online shopping is so convenient!


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