Monday 30 September 2013

Dear September

What to say about you? September, you are usually my fave and this year - well, you started out right, but towards the end you rapidly went downhill, weather-wise.

What's with the torrential rain lately? Our pasture is starting to get muddy already, which is at least a month too early.
We have about 6 months of that shizz coming up, September is supposed to be golden, blue-skied and sunny.

Which, to be fair, you were some of the time.
Like at the beginning of the month: We had 32 degrees Celsius, it was awesome!

There were other highlights:

A beautiful one-day roadtrip

Many dog walks

A campfire

Coffee dates

A dinner party

Brunch and drinks

But there were also some not so nice things: A bout of depression, insecurity, and the feeling of being different. The rain. Too much work. Did I mention the rain?

Haha ok, enough with the complaining. Things are already looking up, I'm doing some projects around the house (painting, gallery wall, orange door), met with a couple girlfriends the last couple days, and just had a drink handed to me by my darling husband.

xo Miriam


  1. We have had tons of rain too, however we bought umbrellas so I am sure the rain will stop now!

    1. Haha, awesome tactic! You're right, that's how it always works out. You know what? I think I'll buy an umbrella too!


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