Tuesday 3 September 2013


I'm stunned. Baffled. What's happening?

Just three days ago I was quietly typing away here in my little corner, mostly unnoticed by the world. With a small, but loyal following (I LOVE you guys!)...

Then BOOM!

September 1 rolls around. All you Harry Potterians know what that means - a new school year at Hogwarts is starting. Which means: Let the magic begin!

And what does that mean for this little, oh-so-beloved blog of mine?

I got 13 17 comments on yesterday's post. 17! That's incredible!!
And all of a sudden something like 20 sweet, generous people decided to hit the old follow button. Which is a button that leads the way straight into my heart.

Thank you thank you THANK YOU!!!!

I'm not quite sure how this is all happening. I'm sure magic plays a huge part. (Obviously.)

But I'm also sure that Jenni from Story of My Life plays an equally huge part, as does Mish from Mish Lovin' Life (I have an ad up there. Look for the chickens and the peacock.)

Gosh that whole networking thing works like a charm! (See what I did there? charm -> to go with the magic theme hehe.)


You guys are the bomb. I'm humbled and incredibly happy right now.
I've used the sunflower before. Maybe it should be a 'thing'? I get out the flower-thank you card when I'm really grateful?
Okay, I better get working on tomorrow's homework.

Love and hugs, Miriam


  1. I was very excited to find your blog, it is great to find other expat/immigrants and see how they conquer all the things that come with it!

    1. Great to meet you too! You are right, it is nice to find other people with similar experiences. Heading over to your blog now :-)

  2. I have just discovered your blog also :) I have to admit I am new to this whole blogging deely... So I am currently doing blogtember..not even sure if I have had any views yet :S but I love your blog :)


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