Monday 9 September 2013

What do Johnny Depp, Oprah, and I have in common?

Apparently, we are all ENFJs. Is that code for being part of a cool gang or something?
Nope. According to this personality test from Blogtember, we are all extraverts that are intuitive, feeling and judging.
That's how I see myself most of the time.
Hmm. Me, an extrovert? That kinda threw me a bit. I know I'm outgoing at times, but I'm also the girl that's afraid of the phone, really enjoys a quiet evening at home (I'm kinda addicted to them!), and sometimes (read: pretty much every time) freaks out when we get unexpected guests.
I wish I was spontaneous, but the sad truth is, I'm not.
To be honest, I struggled with this topic today. Those tests are not something I usually do, and the results were a whole lot of mumbo jumbo to me.
The coolest part for me was figuring out all the other ENFJs (Barack Obama, Sean Connery, Johnny Depp - great company!) - but apart from that, this was difficult.

But hey, I'm giving it a shot anyways! (Type A personality - can't admit defeat.)
I thought the easiest - and quickest - way of doing this would be to take 5 statements and see if they apply to me and my life.
  • Tremendous charisma and "phenomenal interpersonal skills and unique salesmanship": uhm, what? That one clearly applies to all the famous people mentioned above, but to me? I don't think so... wait, I remember what my hubby told me when we just started dating: "You could sell ice cubes to Eskimos!" Totally not impartial observation of an infatuated man - does that count?
  • "Global learners" who see the big picture: Well, I did move to a different continent, learned a new language and started a brand new career there - so yes, I'll take it.
  • ENFJs know and appreciate people: yes, I do. I also like to think that I can read people quite well. And I always try to see things from their point of view. (The emphasis here is try. Some people are beyond me.)
  • Extraverted feeling: "Face-to-face relationships are intense, personable and warm, though they may be so infrequently achieved that intimate friendships are rare." Yup, they got me there.
  • "Find the silver lining": Hello, I'm the queen of the silver lining! My motto: Always, always try to find the positive in any situation. Make mistakes, learn from them, no regrets. If nothing else, at least it's an experience and you hopefully learned from it. Or it makes for a good story later on. If you wanna learn about silver linings, watch this movie:
It's spectacular. One of my all-time faves. Jennifer Lawrence? I'm obsessed with her! One of the coolest people alive.

This ends this random post. Conclusion? That test wasn't half bad, and pretty accurate.
Who woulda thought?

Happy Monday!

xo Miriam


  1. So cool you found the right results for you! I initially was apparently like Britney Spears and Marilyn Monroe, so I wasn't too pleased (but then I re-took the test, ha). I still haven't seen Silver Linings Playbook! It looked so good. I'm totally interested in how you moved to another country - that's pretty amazing! And I love how sometimes you can describe yourself one way and hear someone else describe you completely differently - like your hubby. For real, I'm like, where do you get that?? ; )

  2. I love this test so much and reading through people's results! I think you touched on something big, though -- that it IS a lot of information to take in. I also think sometimes when people read it, they identify with their personality profile but they feel like it's kind of like a horoscope -- that anyone could read it and find themselves in it. But I think if you read through other descriptions, you find the nuances.

    A test like this can be difficult because it's a spectrum and sometimes people have learned to balance out their natural preferences. That said, I am glad that you were able to find 5 statements that sounded like you. But have you thought about reading the description for INFJ? Maybe you'd find that the introverted description suits you a little better?

    Anyway, this was interesting to read and it's so cool that you're an expat, too!! Oh, and I am an ENFP, by the way!



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