Tuesday 14 January 2014

5 tips to beat Blue Monday

Have you guys heard of "Blue Monday"? It is the most depressing day of the year, and it's supposed to fall on this upcoming Monday, January 20. 
The combination of these distinct factors all lead to the blueness of the day: blah and gloomy weather, debt from the Christmas extravaganza, failed new year's resolutions, nothing to look forward to, and a general lack of motivation due to the S.A.D. winter. 

I could have sworn Blue Monday was yesterday. Man, was I feeling depressed. For no particular reason obviously, which is the vicious beauty of the day. You are depressed just because. 
This is the photo I took yesterday for my photo-a-day challenge:
Cheery, isn't it. I nailed "long-suffering artist who has to carry the burden of the world on her shoulders".

But, there is a bright side (always a bright side!). I basically had a practice run for the most depressing day of the year, and I came up with 5 strategies that helped me yesterday to beat the blues. 
Take that, Blue Monday! We won't go down without a fight! We will be laughing you in the face next week at your attempt at morosity! Booyah!

Okay, here they are:

1. Walk
Or run. Whatever you prefer, just get out. Even if you have to drag yourself out on your own hair, do it. I guarantee you will feel better! Daylight works wonders, even when the sun determinedly stays hidden. 

On my walk yesterday I made the acquaintance of Bodo (he stopped me and complimented me on my dog, which goes down like butter - nothing makes me feel more proud), spied the sun for a few seconds, and enjoyed he strangely warm wind (pineapple express?). All things I would have missed had I stayed home!

2. Accomplish a (small) goal
There is this task you have been meaning to get to for ages. There is, right? We all have them. Be it to clean the bathroom, declutter the closet, organize our desk, switch to paperless billing... you get my drift. They are usually pretty small things, easy to accomplish, but we have been procrastinating forever. 
So here is my advice: Tackle them!

For me it was a two-fold approach: First, I set up our new TV in the guest room. We bought it in the boxing week sales, and it had been sitting in the guest room, silently reproaching me every time I went in there. Rich has no mind to do these things, that's always my job. He simply cannot read instructions and follow them. At least that's what he claims. It's probably just a clever ruse to get me to do it...
Anywho, yesterday I finally, finally tackled it: set up the TV and the Shaw box! In order to do that I had to read through approximately a million instructions, write down numbers, register, and have a live-chat with a Shaw representative who helped me set up the box. 
And it worked!! I feel very tech-savvy indeed. 

Oh, the second accomplishment? I ironed the stack of clothes that had been collecting for the last 2 weeks. Not the same as the TV thing, but still nice. 

3. Treat yourself
Have some chocolate. Or a cup cake. Or a pedicure, hot bath, glass of wine... whatever makes you happy. 
I had the trifecta of awesomeness: a cinnamon bun in the morning, hot vanilla coffee, and chocolate in the evening. Love me some sugar!

4. Laugh 
It is a scientific fact: if you smile a lot, you are a happier person for it. Even if you fake it. Your body gets the signal that you smile, thinks "hey, she's happy!", and releases endorphins. (It's something along those lines. It's been a while since I've read it.)
My go-to happy place right now is How I Met Your Mother. I got netflix last month (yeah yeah, I'm slow with everything, I know) and am watching all the seasons back to back. The 7-year slap bet between Marshall and Barney is a classic!

5. Hang out with a pet - or child (I guess)
Just kidding! Kids are awesome. Spending time with little ones - be it human or animal - is the best therapy there is. They are loving, hilarious and so full of energy that you don't have time to feel sorry for yourself. 
If you have neither of your own (you poor, poor soul), borrow one from friends, relatives, neighbours - a pet or a child, whatever catches your fancy (and is available to you).

Hope these help!

Blue Monday, you can stuff it. 

Love, Miriam

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  1. Great post babe!!!! Love it love love love!!

  2. Great suggestions! I always feel better after a walk :0)

  3. Great ideas and you are so right that just getting a chore down makes things so much better!


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