Friday 31 January 2014

The best of January

January, oh January. I am not sad to see the last of you today. You are my least favourite month of the year, and how happy does it make me that I won't have to meet you again for 11 glorious months!

However, in the spirit of being positive and finding something good anywhere, I tried to find 5 good things that happened this month. It was surprisingly easy! Maybe it's because I'm easily pleased?
Or you are not all bad.

Either way, here goes: the 5 highlights of January

1. Photography

I have completed the first month of my self-imposed a-photo-a-day challenge! Oh how I enjoy doing it, way more than I anticipated. 31 down, 334 to go!

2. New cellphone

This is sort of related to photography as well. I got my new cellphone 2 days ago, and it is absolutely fantastic. I can't recommend it highly enough! The camera is amazing!! If you are in the market for a new phone, get the HTC One. You won't regret it!

3. Downton Abbey
Downton Abbey is one of my all-time favourites. After a slow start the 4th season has lived up to my expectations! We are both impatient people so we ordered the DVD on the first day it came out and watched all the episodes. No spoilers, but it is good!

4. Sun

Regular readers will know that this blog is sometimes little more than a weather report. If you live outside as much as we do, the weather is very important and can make or break your day. So I'm happy to report that despite some torrential rain at the beginning of the month, we also had days and days of brilliant sunshine! Not too shabby, January. 

5. This girl

Even though we've had a few less than great days, Lily continues to be the light of my life these days. She is so funny! So happy to see me! I love her to bits.

January, you really weren't too bad at all.

xo Miriam

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  1. My husband just got the HTC One a month ago and LOVES it. He gave up his windows phone ( which he never used ) and now uses the HTC as much as his Ipad. I got the Iphone 5S and I have to say, the HTC is so much cooler!

  2. I love the photo-a-day collage! What a great way to share :) I'm also a little jealous of the Downton Abbey DVD - it's so hard to wait an entire week in between shows!!

  3. Love you put your January pictures all together. Can't wait to see how you progress in to a great start!

    1. Thank you so much! It's my latest addiction. Makes every day just a bit more exciting! :-)

  4. Congrats on completing your first month of the photo challenge!! It's one of those things that seems to simple to me in concept, but making it happen?! Hard, hard, hard. So go chica!

    And January in Austin is such an interesting month because we literally go from the 20s to 70s in a 24 hour span. Keeps us on our toes! Plus, it's my birthday month, so I kinda can't hate it. :)


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