Saturday 4 January 2014

Puppy update

This little girl has stolen my heart. 
I love, love, LOVE my other dogs, I really do. They are fluffy and big and cuddly and awesome. My four-legged kids whom I adore.
But having a baby in the house? That's always there? It's above and beyond of how I imagined it to be. A million times better.
Lily follows me everywhere. I haven't peed by myself since she's arrived 10 days ago, and that's just fine by me. 
Today we had friends over (who thought she's the cutest thing ever, obviously), and they mentioned that puppy will rule our life for the next 6 months. That thought brought a huge smile to my face. Rule away, little pipsqueak!
On the prowl.
No worries, I'm still hanging out with the other babes too. Especially this wise old lady, she's turning 14 this year! 
It was a gorgeously sunny day today. Keep it up, January!

Have a happy Sunday! If puppy kisses are involved, even better.

Love and hugs, Miriam

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  1. Gosh. That puppy just melts my heart!

  2. Those cute little legs ahhhh I want a puppy too!

  3. Oh, precious! Who can resist that sweet puppy breath??
    We may get a dog after we move and adjust to the new house. I want my 4 year old to have pets growing up like I did. Where we are now, there's just not room. But we'll have a bigger house, and a fenced in back yard here in the near future!!
    They really are like kiddos.

  4. I miss my little guy being a puppy, but he still follows me round like a shadow.
    TMI but he even sits on my knee while I pee.... haaa

    1. He does?! That's so adorable!! Gosh I love dogs


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