Sunday 19 January 2014

Award season has arrived at Farm Girl

Last Friday I woke up to a fabulous surprise: The adorable Mariah from Food, Booze & Baggage nominated me for a Liebster Award! 

I was nominated once before, so this is my second one! Booyah!
Let me tell you, I didn't feel any prouder on the day I graduated college. (Exhibit A: the awkward smile in the photo to the right.)

There are a few rules associated with the honours, let me quickly recap:
1. Tell 11 things about yourself. Preferably funny and/or embarrassing. Okay, I made up that last part. But it should be in the official rules, don't you think?

2. Answer the questions the nominator has created for you. 

3. Tag 11 people with under 200 followers. I will probably ignore the 200-rule because I have a couple hilarious gals in mind that have more than 200 followers because they are awesome. Rule breaker!

The real challenge is to think of 11 new things since I already told you 11 things last time. There really aren't too many interesting things about me. 

Hmm, let's see:

1. I have vivid, disturbing dreams almost every night. Last night's example: I worked in a store as a cashier and was offered drugs by a scary girl with a shaved head; later I was with this guy who set a building on fire, accidentally killed a man and we were on the run from the police. Trippy!

2. I have watched "Dirty Dancing" about 30 times. It was the movie of my teenagehood!   

3. I still watch "America's Next Topmodel". It's my secret shame. Not a secret any more!

4. We have peacocks sleeping in the trees in our yard.

5. I have always been fascinated how guys just openly talk about their weight like it's no big deal. I love the freedom of it! So here we go: I'm 5'6" and weigh 128 pounds. There!

6. I'd like to get LASIK eye surgery but I'm too scared. Any success stories are highly appreciated!

7. I also never got anything waxed. Too scared of the pain. Can you sense a trend here?

8. I'm a scaredy cat!

9. Once we had to sleep in the woods on the ground (hunting trip gone wrong), and I swear a bear was lurking in the bushes. Needless to say, I didn't sleep a wink.

10. In my wildest dreams I would love to be a fearless adventurer, exploring mountains, deserts and jungles, photographing animals in the wild, and galloping with Richard into the sunset. Let's just say, it's a work in progress. 

11. If I could, I would have a campfire every single day. You might say I have a slight obsession with fires. 

Mariah's questions for the nominees:

1. Name one reason you started blogging?
Let me quote from my very first post ever: "Just one more platform to put pictures on, share stories, be inspired to live life to the fullest - gotta do fun things so I have something to write about, right?" Ah the innocence of the young(er)! It is so much more than I ever thought it would be. 

2. Beach or Mountains?
I'm a Vancouver girl (well, Greater Vancouver area to be exact), so I'm spoiled and say both!

3. What is your Myers Briggs? 
I am an ENFJ - an extravert that is intuitive, feeling and judging. The really important question here is though: Who is your Harry Potter character? I am Dumbledore!

4. Name the bravest thing you have ever done. 
Dropping everything I knew at the age of 22 and following my heart. Coming to Canada was the scariest and best decision of my life.

5. What did you have for dinner last night?
I worked so it was a boring old sandwich. The better meal was brunch: Hubby made me steak with mushrooms and veggies! He is full of surprises sometimes. 

6. What's your go to swear word?
Sadly, the F-word. This girl has no class or imagination!

7. If you could take a trip tomorrow and money was no object, where would you go?
Bora Bora. Just look at it!

8. What's your favourite cocktail?
White wine is my drink of choice most of the time; but I won't say no to a Bellini. 

9. What is the best book you have read in the past year?
Hmm, hard to limit it to just one, but if I have to I would say "Unbroken" by Laura Hillenbrand
It is the true story of Louis Zamperini, a bombardier in World War II who crashed into the Pacific Ocean and survived an incredible odyssey in a life raft amidst sharks, thirst, starvation, and enemy planes. 

10. Heels or flats? Shorts or skirt?
Flats and skirt

11. What does your name mean in the urban dictionary?
Ha, this is hilarious: "Miriam is an ancient welsh goddess of outstanding beauty and strength. To be a miriam is to be a perfect being except for her achilles heel which is a broken knee. It gives out on her when she needs it the most.
suzy wins at everything, at least until the ultimate contest when her knee gives out and she flops badly.
She is such a miriam."

Please check out these fabulous ladies, they are all great!

Phew, I'm exhausted. So I will re-use Mariah's questions, because they are fun to answer and I am too lazy to think of any myself. Tag, you are it!

Muah, Miriam

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  1. Yay Miriam!! This so makes my day :) Can't wait to check out your nominees! Oh, Bora Bora is one my list just seems so relaxing. This make it even better that we get to learn 22 random facts about you! Thank you!!

  2. I LOVE this! The facts and questions are some of the best I've read on these awards!
    I'm sooo with you on your 10th fact. :P

    I'm off to check out all the other nominees and then I'll get onto compiling my post too.
    Thank you again xo

  3. Bora Bora, yes please! So fun reading all of your facts and answers. I loved doing the Harry Potter character matchup, I still can't believe I'm a Draco though :) Ha, or maybe I can. P.S. I'd love to have peacocks that sleep in my trees. Sounds magical.


  4. We looked into a trip to Bora Bora for our 10th wedding anniversary but with travel time it takes to get there from Philadelphia, we would have needed 2 weeks at least to relax and enjoy it. Someday you will find me there. Until then, I will dream about it.

    I have crazy dreams almost every night too. Reoccurring ones that I have need having since I was little. Mostly of the same old Victorian house with a secret back room and people always doing the same activities... and voices chasing me to this house where I seek refuge. I also think I have sleep paralysis when I am really stressed out. That used to freak me out until I understood it.

  5. Yay! I'm so excited :) Thanks so much for the nomination!! I'm flattered & can't wait to get started!

    I've always wanted to stay in one of those huts on the water - I just think it would be so fun to be disconnected for a few days :) Especially with a few cocktails!

  6. I'm 5'8" and weigh anywhere in the range of 125-135 depending on how many cupcakes I ate that day ;)
    ALSO, I watch America's Next Top Model too! So much drama, but Tyra really knows what she's talking about!

  7. I've had LASIK in the back on my mind for years now, but I'm too scared to think about doing it, too! Surely they have perfected the technology… but still. :)

    I love Dirty Dancing! Riley and I visited the filming location on one of our first dates and we danced to "I've Had the Time of My Life" as our last song at our wedding, so it will always hold a special place in my heart.

  8. Glad I'm not the only one with vivid, disturbing dreams. Last night, someone was trying to kill me. And I had that awful, weak, I-can't-stand-up-let-alone-run-away feeling one often has in dreams. Ack.

    Anyway, THANK YOU again for the nomination. Made my day. :)


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