Tuesday 7 January 2014

7 things that are supposed to be fun but aren't

This post is brought to you from my sickbed. You may remember that I mentioned on Sunday that Richard is sick with the man cold. He passed it on to me - boy oh boy, I will never be unsympathetic to him ever again. I feel sick as a dog, only that our dogs have never been sick like that.

Everything hurts, head to toe. I have a wicked cough. So bad in fact that I'm swigging Buckley's, and that stuff is beyond nasty. There are the shakes. Zero energy. I don't know what it is, but it is evil.
Since Richard is 2 days ahead of me I can see the progress of the illness, and all I can say is that my near future does not look promising.

But, enough complaining. As I was lying awake last night, an idea popped into my head. That's what I'm doing now when I can't sleep: I think of future blog posts.
This one is inspired from How I Met Your Mother, which is what I was watching last night. In one episode Ted goes to a hip club and realizes that he hates it. As he is picking up his coat form the coat check girl, they discuss all the things that are supposed to be fun but suck.

Since I am quite strange in what I like and don't like, I thought it would be fun to out me as the weirdo I really am.
So here we go:
7 things that are supposed to be fun but aren't:

1. Amusement parks 
The crowds. The greasy food. The rides. I hate those things. I am deathly afraid of pretty much every single ride: I either get sick or I am convinced I will die. That's supposed to be fun? Too many people crammed into a small space make me nervous, and I honestly don't like fast food. 
Except those Mini donuts at the PNE in Vancouver, those are fantastic! Mmhhh, I could eat one right now. Or a dozen. 

2. All-inclusive resorts
Is my crazy showing? You will probably think I'm insane, but I did the all-inclusive thing once, and it wasn't really for me. Don't get me wrong, I love a tropical location as much as the next person. It's the all-inclusive part I didn't like so much. As amazing as unlimited free drinks sound, I realized that I don't care too much for drunk people around the clock. 
We also didn't have a car and were stuck at the resort for the week. I like to explore, try out local restaurants, be free and uninhibited. Frankly, after 3 days in the same resort I got pretty restless.

3. Boxing day
Specifically, boxing day sales. There is nothing I like less than going shopping again after just having survived the Christmas craziness. Add to that the throng of people, waiting in line, and maybe even having to fight with someone else for the same item - yikes!

4. Clubs
That picture above is the depiction of a nightmare to me. The noise, all those people, the strobe lights... aaahhh, get me outta there! I guess it's an age thing, because there was a time when I liked that, circa 15 years ago. 

5. Gambling
Gambling - or games in general - are not my cup of tea. I find them strangely boring. 
Especially slot machines: people look so dazed when they play slots, like robots. All the artificial light creates this weird environment where you don't know if it's night and day. Nope, not for me. 

6. Manicures
Let me start by saying that pedicures are heavenly. I love everything about them: the foot massage, warm water, colourful nail polish, having my rockhard soles turned into babysoft feet.
But manicures? I only ever had one, and that was just getting my nails painted, no fakies. There were several things about that experience that I didn't like: it was uncomfortable to just sit in front of a stranger without being able to read a magazine or be otherwise distracted. You can't use your hands. And it takes so long! So much waiting and drying, I got pretty fidgety. My impatience is really not handy in many life situations.

7. Sports
What I really mean is watching sports, either on TV or live. 
Living in Canada and not liking hockey is a sacrilege, but here is the cold, hard truth: I'm not a sports fan. At all. I once got offered a couple of free tickets to go see a hockey game, and I turned them down. Sorry sports fans!

What are some of the things you don't like that are supposed to be fun? I would love to know!

xoxo Miriam

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  1. Hahaha girrrrl you are funny! Loving your writing!

    I agree about #2, #3 and #5 all the way

  2. if i should make a list like this, it would look exactly like yours!! :D amusement parks and resorts on top, because i really don't like those, haha

    i hope you'll feel better soon!!

  3. I also hate getting manicures so uncomfortable and awkward!

  4. #1 sort of....We have an amusement park in the middle of no where that is free parking and free to get it. The rides are tucked in with trees and shops. This is a nice day. Now, over crowded, over priced parks with over priced food and extremely long lines? Not fun at all....
    #2 but only those resorts that make you dine with other guests. My husband in a classic introvert so this is not fun at all.
    #3 is just like our Black Friday sales - avoid it like the plague
    #4 clubs - that thumping of the bass and all the music sounding the same... ugh. I avoid regular bars on DJ night too...
    #5 Disney Land - I have no desire to see it - all those tired screaming kids? No thank you!

    Sorry you are sick - Feel better!

  5. I love having a manicure but not getting it done. I get so bored/restless and I am constantly picking apart whether they are doing it right or not in my head. I just don't find it relaxing.

    Having managed a shoe store for more years than I care to admit, I am sooooo over Boxing Day! So glad I am sleep in and enjoy my day curled up on the couch with a good book and a coffee( or however else I want) these days.


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